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Question: After working with affirmations and a gratitude diary I was doing great. Then I hit two big work related problems and lost confidence with my affirmation and diary work as I had been working on this area of my life. This has made me frightened to to the affirmations in case any more problems come up!

Is there a relationship between the two things? Why do you think the problems occurred when I was working on my employment stuff?

Real Life LoA Answer: Thank you for writing with a question - it's a very good one, because it is actually quite common for life to go a little haywire when you first start practicing with deliberately and consciously attracting desires!

It is very normal that problems come up when you are doing affirmation work - uncomfortable, but normal. That's NOT to say that you shouldn't be doing the affirmation work, but now you can add in some additional data and be more specific as you do them.

My favorite 2 addendum to any (every) affirmation or deliberate intention I think, write, or say is:

1) " the MOST benevolent fashion", and
2) "This, or something even better, for me, and for ALL concerned in any way"

The reason that things go haywire and problems come up is because often it is the "quickest" and most efficient or elegant way for the Universe to get you to your hearts desire or intention. For instance, sometimes, when someone really, really, really wants a new car, and is very clear and precise about that intention, the Universe could deliver a car accident which wrecks the current car, and facilitates the receiving of a new one.

That is why I always use the two "qualifiers" above - so that my manifestations are (mostly) graceful, easy and comfortable for me (and everyone around me).

Keep in mind what your deeper desires and intentions are, and KNOW that the Universe is looking out for YOU in achieving those!

...One of my favorite things to remember is: "You MAY get fired... from a job you HATE" (that is from a book by Sonia Choquette).

The Universe is always trying to get you to YOUR dreams and desires, and it is always looking out for YOU. So, even when problems arise, know that they are ALWAYS leading you to something better! Always!

Also, thoughts of love, positive energy, and harmonious intentions are always more powerful than the fearful ones, so don't fret about
anxieties and worries. Just keep focused on what you want, and, even more importantly, WHY you want it, and it will become continuously easier (and more precise) in the manifestation!

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