Soulmate Wish List Method

by Lara Gouveia

Question: Hello, I heard that when you write your wish list but some things are not as specific as you'd like them to be, you can write examples like "Caring - eg: Jack from movie Titanic" or "Romantic - eg: cuddles with me, treats me to special places" etc... I'm not sure if it works because it seems something a little difficult to manifest. I don't know, but it seems way too specific for me...

Can I do it this way? And if I do and follow all the correct steps will I be able to manifest what I'm asking for (guaranteed)? Or should I just stick with the usual wish list method even if the universe misunderstands a bit?

Real Life LoA Answer: Hi Lara, this is a great question, thank you so much for writing! First of all, you can create a wish list in any way that feels joyful, fun, and easy for you, and the Universe will always be working on it for you.

The Universe knows what your heart really wants no matter what anyway, so the action of creating the list is really for you to be able to clarify your own thoughts, and for you to verify that you are thinking in terms of what you DO want, and not wasting creative energy accidentally thinking about what you do not want. The only real criteria of a wish list is that it be positively focused on experiencing what you DO want, and not a list of negatives.

That being said, you can always use examples from the outer world, or movies, or anything that inspires you if you like. But, you will want to be careful that it is an example somewhat based in reality rather than a made-up fiction that no real person/experience could ever live up to.

It would be better to draw from examples among your own past experiences, your friends, or people you actually know, or see around you. Something more like: "Romantic, like Mr. & Mrs. Rodrigues when they go for a long walk every evening after dinner, holding hands, and then sit on their porch and talk to each other for hours -- that's for me!"

When you use examples from your past, or from what you can see around you, there are two benefits:

  1. Simply because you have experienced it, or can see it, means that it is near you. The Universe is already manifesting those experiences and qualities around you, so it much more likely to happen to you as well when you are paying attention to how much is already around you.

  2. You can go even deeper into the examples and include what you like about them, why it appeals to you, how you would feel if you were experiencing that yourself, and why it is important to you.

    When you can actually imagine YOURSELF, in your own real life, experiencing that example, you make it much more real for yourself (and easier for the Universe to manifest it for you) because it is not a big stretch, it is not a complete turn-around of your current life reality, or a massive transformation.

It becomes very clear to you how that desire fits into your life. When it is clear to you, you can start to believe it because it feels easily possible. When it feels easily possible, that is when you can expect it, and when you can expect it, that is when it can manifest for you.

The Universe is never really misunderstanding your desires. Where the problem happens is when we think we want something, but we are actually hoping for a fantasy idea of it rather than how that person, quality, or experience will really work in real life.

For example, many of my own friends want to find a partner/soulmate who has lots of money. But, they fail to take into account the other qualities that often accompany a person who is very wealthy. That person could be working all the time, traveling on business, or constantly making deals, and have very little time to devote to a relationship. Or a wealthy person could have inherited money, and then could possibly have an entitled attitude, or possibly a controlling family. Now, this is just an example, it is not intended to be a stereotype of prosperous people, it is intended to give context to the idea of looking at both sides of any desired quality.

They say to be careful what you wish for, but not because the wishing is bad, or that it will bring you something unwanted, rather that real people always have flaws that go hand-in-hand with their strongest qualities, and you want to be aware of WHY you want certain traits.

Focusing on WHY you want something, and how your life will FEEL in the version where you are experiencing that something is the surest way to manifest it. But it takes practice to think that way -- in terms of really feeling joy while you are imagining your wishlist, rather than fantasizing or secretly thinking it's not really possible.

When it comes down to it, using imagery can be very powerful, but it must be something that helps your desire feel more real, vivid, powerful, and possible. If it makes your desire feel further away, more unrealistic, or even less fun to imagine, then it is hurting more than it is helping.

I hope this answers your question and helps the process be more fun for you! Please add a comment below if you have additional questions, need clarification, or want to share your progress - we'd love to be able to imagine your wish list with you! Thank you for writing!

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Jan 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

So what you mean is that as long as someone feels connected to their list and believes their list is realistic, then they can write such examples right? Because I mean the LOA teaches that everything is possible as long as you believe it to be... So if I, for example, don't have anyone to look up to, and want something more unique in my relationship, nothing should get in my way, the universe should bring it to me even if it's "unrealistic" right? After all that's the basis of the LOA, the universe helps you manifest whatever you want, right?

Feb 03, 2013
Yes, you can manifest anything you truly believe
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Yes, you can theoretically manifest anything you want, even if other people may say it's "unrealistic" provided that you truly believe it yourself.

However, you must not characterize it as "unrealistic" in any way when YOU are dreaming, thinking, talking, or envisioning it. ...Even if you know that others feel it would be unrealistic, you must be able to see it as absolutely, positively, certainly, without-a-doubt realistic for yourself. And, if you are around, or speaking with someone who doesn't agree, you would be wise to not talk about your wish at all with them. Do not let other people poison your dreams with their doubts.

Unfortunately, you cannot lie to yourself no matter how hard you try... If you find doubts creeping in to your own consciousness regarding the realistic possibility of your dreams coming true, you must find a way to KNOW that it really can happen. That is why finding examples from real life, even if it is with people you do not know personally, can be so powerful. If they can do it, you can do it!

The right relationship partner for you is looking for YOU just as surely as you are looking for him/her/it.

The more you can get in touch with WHY you are seeking the qualities you hope to find, no matter how unique, the more likely you are to see them, feel them, and know them to be possible, because they will be grounded in who YOU are and what gives YOU joy. Then, as you notice examples in the world around you, you will know it is getting closer, because it doesn't feel in ANY way "unrealistic" any more.

(...Still, be careful about sharing your dreams with other people until after they have manifested -- you only want the most positive, glorious, loving, enthusiastic energy around your visions while they are blossoming!)

I'm sending that love and light to you now!

Feb 09, 2013
Thank you so so much
by: Anonymous

I was born in Korea and used to watch romance dramas a lot and still do because I'm kind of addicted. I want a guy like that, not with crazy amounts of money or fancy cars, I just want a guy with an "innocent" heart, someone as genuine as the characters of those dramas... At first I really really believed I would find someone with a similar personality but then people started talking about it and poisoning my mind and now I don't believe it anymore but I'm currently working on it since I want it from the bottom of my heart. Even though no one believes I will find someone like that in this type of world, I'm willing to prove them wrong. Thank you so much for giving me hope with this post.

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