Songs of Soloman

by Evelyn Tyson Woodson
(Izmir, Turkey)

Editor's Note: It is unclear if the posting below is in reference to the novel "Song of Solomon" by Toni Morrison, or to the Song of Solomon from the Holy Bible, a book of the Old Testament (commonly referred to as the Song of Songs.) It could also be referring to some other, possibly unpublished, work. In any case, the review is the opinion of the person who posted it, and it may not be specifically about the Law of Attraction.

His eyes are like Dove's eyes. His complexion is ruddy, His Thighs like Pillars of Marble, He is Like the young Roe , as swift as the Guzell.This is a description of the new friend that has entered my path, he tells of a dream as a youth, where he is awakend from his nocturnal excursions to encounter my angelic presence , at his bedside, His description in detail and his mortal reaction , validates the account, When reading the Songs of Sloman About the time this encounter unfolded, It was as if the entire Poem was about me, each description each chapter. It was about me in a distant time and place, When we are in each others company, Time and space cease, and the only view is reality, there is no time no space no me and no you,only reality, all else is imagination doing what it does best.The magic of the moment is eternity, That viewer of the entire operation energizes the flames of passion that lay semerged, as a sunken treasure siginaling I'm here, that is everlasting,to question have we done this before? why are we so attracted to those qualities that surface that other wise fail to come forth?Is it perhaps , we are one in the same , Simply experencing different forms? Each unfolding feels so femilar as if surely we have known ourselves in other awareness. It's the identical sensing Experienced with children grandchildren and children of all ages encountered along the way. Perhaps we all are particles of King Soloman, who was graced as the wises man who ever lived.

Evelyn T. Woodson
Love Ambassador to Izmir Turkey

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Mar 17, 2013
by: Jefferson

What does this have to do with the Law of Attraction?

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