Prayer to Manifest Money, but Have Doubts

by S.K.

Question: Thanks for all the material you have put up in your site. My Grateful thanks.

I am attracting money, a huge amount.

But my mind keeps on telling me, the manifest money has not happened and sometimes doubts enter into mind, in spite of reading and listening, and affirming that I should not doubt.

How to convince myself and my mind to patiently wait for the results?

Real Life LoA Answer: You ask an excellent question, one that we all are faced with while manifesting money and our fondest hearts desires every day, no matter what they are, how big they are, or how close we are to them. It is really the key to allowing anything - how to align with the energy of already having it.

In my experience, here are the best things to do to be able to remain positive and align with the good you are attracting:

1) Identify the various ways you already DO manifest money and have abundance of all types now - health, food, family, love, children, animals, beauty, work, and notice how your thoughts are focused on that subject. Look for anything that you are already attracting LOTS of (even if it is something you don't particularly like,) if you are attracting great quantities of it; notice how your thoughts and focus are maintaining that state.

2) Focus on WHY you want to manifest money, why you want to have the money you desire - what are you going to do with it? How will it feel to be doing those things? Allow yourself to imagine spending it, and doing good works, and really get into the feeling of how it will FEEL for you to be doing such wonderful things, and making others feel so joyful by your actions.

3) Appreciate the money you DO have coming in right now. Appreciate where it comes from, what you are doing (that you enjoy) to attract/earn it, and appreciate what you are doing with it - find more ways to focus on the joy you DO derive from what you have NOW. Appreciate all the things you have received from your money in the past, everything you have attracted thus far. Love them, and love what they are still doing for you!

4) Spend more time engaged in activities that give you joy, or that you feel interest and affinity for. Spend as much time as you can learning about, reading about, studying, doing, and participating in the activities that you feel passion for. The more time you spend simply enjoying yourself, the less time you will have to wonder when your big sum of money is coming (which pushes it away.)

5) Identify and list the positive qualities in the people and things around you, and, try to maximize your time with other people that you truly enjoy being around. Try to minimize the time you have to spend being around people who are negative or complaining. Being by yourself is better than being around people with negative energy - but don't try to change them, just quietly remove yourself as much as possible.

The key is to try to stay as happy and busy as you can, the way things are right NOW.

Do not wait for an external condition to change, or for your money to come, before you decide to make yourself as happy and busy as you can possibly be - make that your quest!

...That is the MOST important thing you can ever do! When you are happy and busy, then all good can start to come to you!

Please write again if you would like more clarification, or to tell me how you are doing. Many blessings to you!

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