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Question: I was wondering about affirmations that involve a partner. If I am affirming that me and my partner have a loving, healthy relationship should I put his name into the affirmation or just keep it my partner?

Real Life LoA Answer: You ask a wonderful question about positive affirmations - are you in a healthy relationship with a particular person now? And, do you want to stay that way, and deepen/strengthen that relationship? Or, are you seeking to attract a new partner? If the former, then you can always use your partner's name in your affirmations. But, perhaps an even better approach is to frame it such that there is more focus on exclusively YOUR experience, rather than something that is tied to the specifics of who your partner is at all?

An example might be "I am enjoying wonderful communication, and am feeling deeply satisfied and fulfilled in my relationship." Or, "I am thrilled with my relationship because I feel so joyful, playful, sexy, beautiful and valuable within it!" Or something along those lines - that is ALL about you, and how you are experiencing yourself as a relationship partner, rather than focusing on the other person's contribution.

There could also be more power in it for you if the qualities of the relationship you are affirming are a little more specific - like what IS it to BE in a loving relationship? What are the aspects of a good, loving, healthy relationship for you? What would you be experiencing while in that relationship? ...How would it/will it/does it FEEL for YOU to be doing your daily activities while IN that relationship? For instance:

  • I feel cuddly, adoring, and excited even when we are doing simple things together

  • I feel fun, and funny, and happy. I feel so much love and approval for myself

  • I feel even more affectionate and generous with myself than ever before

  • I love the feeling of expansion as I learn new things from/with my partner

The more you can tune-in to appreciative feelings about who YOU are now, and the feelings you have now that you enjoy (and can magnify yourself), the more the Law of Attraction can bring examples of experiences to generate more of those soft, warm, wonderful feelings (no matter who you are with!)

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