Panama Cruise, Day 2 03/18/2011

by Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Each day of the workshops while on the cruise just got better, and better, and better – it makes sense, because all of the people in the room, on the boat, and contributing their energy to the seminars while aboard were all just getting happier, and happier, and happier as the relaxation and fun set in!

(...Click here if you missed the notes from day 1 of the cruise workshop notes)

Here are (some of) the notes from the 2nd day of the workshop on the cruise – these notes are only the major points that really stood out for me, they are not at all inclusive, as SO MUCH more was said than this, still I hope you enjoy these highlights from day 2:

* Contrast helps you to focus → It makes you ask yourself "What do I want INSTEAD?"
...But your beliefs aren't keeping up with your emotions and desires.
(It's easier to keep thinking the same kinds of thoughts that you have already been thinking, as opposed to the thoughts that you have not yet been thinking!)

*** You MUST form NEW beliefs to bridge the gap! *** -- "As thinkers (by nature) you CAN guide your thoughts as to their emotional accuracy"

Question 1: I am feeling the surge of an impulse to change careers from musician to conductor, but, it is also scary...

Abraham answer: When you let yourself go there, mentally, then the path to align TO IT will show itself.

* Keep "sticking your toe in" until you start to acclimate to the new idea (then it won't feel so powerfully scary anymore) → It only feels powerful when you aren't yet up to speed with it!
* Abe also did a wonderful rampage of appreciation on music, and the idea of conducting energy – (if you happen to have an opportunity to listen to the audio files from this cruise, it is on CD 3, track 5)

Question 2: Talking about memory; he keeps forgetting things

Abraham answer: The brain is NOT a (not supposed to be a) storage cabinet – it is a transmitting and receiving mechanism.

* You can achieve alignment with a former time, (but you are also aligning with how you felt then too – it is a frequency. **** The past is never as important as NOW ****

*** MAJOR AH-HA ***
→ "If you are not focused on your own intentions then you will become a part of someone else's!!"

* The way to forget more of what is irrelevant is to focus more on what IS relevant!

* Allow yourself to be actively distracted from things that are upsetting

Question 3: Same man, talking about tantra

Abraham answer: True allowing happens inside the vortex – get in there, and then...

Question 4: Since thought turns into consciousness, does the Law of Attraction "hold together" who we are? (But, I'm sorry to say, I didn't write any big revelatory notes in reference to THAT question) The same man went on to ask about his career...

Abraham answer: In terms of career focus (or anything, really) --- "Tell the moral of the story first!" → Speak in the MOST general of terms first; don't try to make anything happen

Question 5: On the verge of a new job...

Abraham answer: You do not need to be, nor can you be (nor can anyone accurately be) specific about what you have already put into the vortex.

* Going over your list of qualities about what you think it is CAN align you TO it
***(but only if it feels good / makes you happy while you are going over your list – if it doesn't feel good, then you are actually slowing down the Law of Attraction process and pushing it away, because you are making it too hard. ***

* The vortex is holding opportunities that are "spot on" with what you think you want and opportunities that are "spot on" to what you really want!

You can click this link if you would like to hear the audio from this Abraham / Law of Attraction question and answer, as someone has created a You Tube video of it, set to images (but not images from the Panama Canal cruise, unfortunately! (The link will open in a new window.)

Question 6: The newlywed guy, who was married while on the cruise spoke about "All that is" and was asking about an opportunity that was coming forward to work with a channeler and be a part of triad of people working on new thought projects

Abraham answer: The Universe NEVER misunderstands you! If it feels off for you, it is.

*** The vortex WILL sort it all out! ***

Keep these thoughts in mind:
* Things always work out for me
* I do not have to decide this red-hot minute
* When I am ready, decisions will come easily

Question 7: Abraham has said that "every point of consciousness in the Universe is selfishly oriented" but what about "giving" and "service"?

Abraham answer: When you are connected to the stream of well-being yourself, you have something to give. If you yourself are outside of the vortex, you have nothing of value to give / offer.

*** Everybody ALREADY HAS their OWN solutions in the vortex → Your only job is to align yourself with the solution (and ONLY with the solution) no matter whose solution it is.

* When YOU are appreciatING then you will attract appreciation from others (but, your REAL goal is to be the one flowing it in the first place!!!)

* As you practice the vibration of the solution (and/or) practice the vibration of your own vortex, you will assist in helping them to attract their own solution (and then, you will revel in it when it comes too.)

* Focus on your own version of who they REALLY are (positive aspects)

* Change the definition of being "selfish" to "being TRUE self"

Question 8: He is co-creating a screenplay and manifesting a movie as partners

Abraham answer: When you acknowledge the advantage of varied perspectives, you will find the place where your own thought vs. their thought gives way to what you BOTH think, even MORE, underneath it

* Make your FIRST priority to be in the vortex, then collaborate
→ Love the process
→ Do it for the FUN of it (success is a given!)

Question 9: She is writing a children's book about Love's dream (the dream that "Love" has) and wants to know what the Earth's dream would be / what would the Earth say about it's dream?

Abraham answer: To be the perfect foundation for the expansion of ALL dreams

* Make your intention for writing be: "I want to find / be guided to vibrational integrity in my writing"

Question 10: Selfishness...

Abraham answer: Where you are (vibrationally) yourself defines what you hear / what you can hear

Question 10, continued: What about when people use the Abraham Law of Attraction teachings to justify being irresponsible (like not paying their bills, etc.)?

Abraham answer: (Or people being immoral / unfair / jerks? (Reminiscent of some recent conversations between Jerry and Esther Hicks))
* The culture helps to define what is "right" and what is "wrong", but, whenever you try to socialize yourself into agreement about right and wrong, it only leads to compromise vs. force of will

*** You cannot shame, influence, or advise
someone INTO the vortex ***

(Regardless of the fact that his OWN definition of irresponsible behavior will prevent him from getting there too)

Question 11: How happy must I get to get everything that is in my vortex?

Abraham answer: ...The eruption of the new idea is the thrilling part!

* If everything that is calling you is answered, then there will be nothing else calling you (but don't worry, it never will be)

Question 12: Friend has invention and started a company

Abraham answer: Asking questions is good, unless you are so focused on the vibration of the problem that you miss the solution entirely

* The vortex is pregnant with your visions and dreams already – you do not need to be able to believe in the physical manifestation of the pregnancy first

→ Is it something that you LIKE to do????

* Say to yourself: "Things are always working out for me AND I will recognize part of the path when I see it. ...I'll know it when I see it!"

Question 13: Why is "out of the vortex" even necessary?

Abraham answer: Expansion requires enough variety for you to be able to choose from among the options → Asking is born out of variety.

* ALL deprivation is self-imposed

You are either a cooperative component to wanted things, **OR** you are a cooperative component to unwanted things – YOU get to choose – in EACH moment

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