Panama Canal Cruise, Day 1 03/15/2011

by Andrea, RLLoA moderator

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Abraham-Hicks vortex of creation cruise to the Panama Canal! While there (and in the two weeks leading up to the cruise) I learned more about the Universal laws of attraction than I had in the last two years combined – it was extraordinary!

Here are (some of) my notes from the workshop on day 1 of the cruise:

* Most people have to go a football game (or something) which gets them to stop focusing on their problems – then they will get glimpses of the fullness of their lives, but then they THINK that it was the football game that made them happy...

...The truth is that simply "not" focusing on their problems is what "made" them happy!!

Question 1: How to keep a relationship in the new, fresh, fun feeling that I have when it is new?

Abraham answer: Focusing on the positive aspects...

* But, your bigger self also asked for someone to expand WITH!
* The #1 thing to do: Take complete responsibility for how you feel!

***Give the thing (relationship, situation, stimulus) your undivided attention WHEN you are in the vortex, and when you are not, pay as little attention as possible to it

Question 2: Regarding playing pro sports, I no longer believed it was possible after age 18

Abraham answer: Making new decisions after a disappointment, or from a place of discouragement always leads the wrong direction

* You DO have the ability to be as robust as you are willing to believe you can be

* Trying to see it (see the dream) with eyes that are outside of the vortex = blurry vision of the dream

Question 3: What about saving for retirement?

Abraham answer: It depends on if it is "outside the vortex investing" vs. "inside the vortex investing"

"An action that boosts your feeling of well-being is a good action"

Do it for the way it feels NOW, for the simple Peace of doing it

Question 4: As a foster parent, do I need to fight for the kids?

Abraham answer: Fighting never works, because
1) It is out of the vortex
2) Whomever is the meanest always wins

* Your job, for anyone you want to uplift, is to be their foster-Inner-Being!

Question 5: I have a problem with my siblings, I always feel like the black sheep?

Abraham answer: If you want people who are outside of the vortex to like you, you then have to go outside of the vortex where they hang out (and you don't want to do that for anybody!!!)

(Questions 6-7 I do not have any notes for)

Question 8: I keep seeing/feeling/noticing "red-flags" during the home-buying escrow process; what do they mean?

Abraham answer: When you feel alarmed or concerned, what you are seeing is different from what your Inner Being sees – AND – it is your point of attraction, meaning that what is in the process of coming isn't what you really are wanting

* Your first impression is usually the most right, but Don't start looking for trouble, don't try to focus on the problems! (...But also don't let your emotional guidance stretch so far as to try to draw conclusions from it!)

* The "red-flag" isn't telling you that there is something wrong with the house (even if there is) – it is ONLY telling you that YOU are not in sync with your Inner Being's opinion on the subject!

The audio from this questions set to images:

Note: Some mobile devices may not display this video. If that is the case for you, you can view it here:  Abraham-Hicks video on what "red flags" mean  (will open in a new window.)

* Get into sync with your Inner Being FIRST, prior to doing your analysis (but, you will probably not be able to get into the vortex at all while you are thinking about whatever caused the "red-flag" in the first place.) Regardless, always try to get into the vortex first!

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May 02, 2011
The best quote
by: Patricia Nolan Stein

I like this quote the best (thanks for sharing it!)

If you want people who are outside of the vortex to like you, you then have to go outside of the vortex where they hang out (and you don't want to do that for anybody!!!)

May 02, 2011
You are SO right, that IS a great quote!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator


You are SO very correct indeed, that is a wonderful quote, isn't it? Thank you so much for taking the time to write in and highlight it!

For me, personally, this is one of the most important things to remember. Where I have the challenge sometimes, and again, I am just speaking for myself, is keeping my mind from wandering over into the realm of "whether or not the other guy is in the vortex?" That's a big one for me, and when I catch myself wondering about what anyone else is saying, doing, thinking, then I know that I am not in the vortex myself!

Thank you for offering a comment to spotlight such a fantastic bit of wisdom, Patricia, I appreciate your thoughts, thank you!

May 02, 2011
back at you!
by: Patricia

And we all certainly appreciate you and your wisdom and thoughts!

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