Only YOU have the Power to Choose

by Kitty L. Coleman

I Have The POWER!

I Have The POWER

I have the POWER to choose what I want to choose; which means...

I have the POWER to guide my thoughts to those that feel better to me; therefore...

I have the POWER to direct my emotions and feelings; so that means...

I have the POWER to change my beliefs to ones that serve my current intentions; and...

I have the POWER to modify my perspectives to allow Spirit to flow; and...

I have the POWER to change my attitudes to those that allow my Being to soar; so...

I have the POWER to bring my Vibration into alignment with Source; hence, through the Law of Attraction...

I have the POWER to experience anything I choose – ANYTHING!!

I am the only one that can do any of that for me, not one other person can. It is my POWER and mine alone. Source has entrusted me with this awesome POWER to guide my choices, thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, perspectives, attitudes and Vibration; to create and attract whatever I choose. Not one other can choose my thoughts, and that is the beginning point of all creation – choosing our thoughts.

As long as I can THINK, I have the POWER!

~ Kitty L. Coleman

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Kitty Coleman
LifeBridge Center For Joyful Living

New Mexico, USA
(But location is not important at all, since most of my coaching is done on line, with only a few in person at present.)

Email: lifebridgecenter (at)

Brief Bio: I’ve been a Life Coach, in one capacity or another, for over 25 years. I am also an avid writer and horse enthusiast! I love interacting with life--in all its forms -- I delight in becoming more and more joyous each day, and in showing others just how AWE-FULL and JOY-FILLED life can be!

I coach ‘on-line’ and focus on Law of Attraction, using fun, easy, tested processes and exercises designed to help you work WITH the Law of Attraction rather than struggling against it, to enhance and create the life you desire in ALL areas of life.

Lovin’ Livin’ – Livin’ Love,


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Sep 16, 2011
Stilness Speaks
by: Anonymous

Choice, affirmatio looks and sounds great , Knowing the perfect outcome thay fosters unity is my choice. Great concept, for oness, I agree that we posses the will to choose, As good as i sounds, and for all pratical purposes we often times are not aware that the ego is choosing and we are often it's faithful servants, it takes a deep dive into the essence for many of us, issues of influnce that is embeded benetah the thresh hold of choice for some of us requires seals to be broken, and the secret that we are afraid of must be allowed to emerge , at that point , We understand who or what has been making the choices, Simply letting go and being still, ceasing from the labor and entering into the rest that is spoken of by Paul the Apostle is the transformation of the mind from chatter to silence being quite to accept who and what . be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind , can be a very liberating way to manage the events and outcomes that unfold before us,

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