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by Lorna Sophia Levy
(Philadelphia, PA and International)

Manifesting A Mercedes Benz!
When I wanted a Benz and had no idea how to get one nor money
Manifesting A Mercedes!
– I would get in my rusty, beat up, bent up Hyundai and say to myself, “I love driving my Benz!” “I’m so lucky to have this beautiful car!” I just pretended – in every way I could think of – whenever I thought of it – that I was driving a Benz.
When I parked in a lot and they hid my car in the back behind the others, but the nice cars are parked up front for everybody to see – I’d pretend one of them was mine – just by looking at it and feeling glad it was mine, or saying, again to myself silently, “I love the way they always park my car up front”. I’d ‘see’ admiring looks when I was driving my pretend Benz, and when I went to get the Hyundai fixed, I’d hear the guy saying “It’s such a joy to work on this car!” I could ‘feel’ it as I was driving my Hyundai – I’d feel it was handling like a Mercedes, I could ‘smell’ it – leather seats, not cloth; heated in winter.
I think it was about 6 months after I started this, (this was over 10 years ago) someone stole my Hyundai. So I went out and bought a Benz!
Now I always knew the model I wanted – either the little 380 or 450 or 560 SL convertible – so that’s all I ever saw myself in. They all look the same and have, more or less, the same features except the engine size, so I really didn’t care which one. And I didn’t know what color. When I started shopping for a car, I knew I’d be led to the right car.
I looked at BMW’s, and the Toyota Celica and the Nissan 300ZX. None of them felt right. I still thought I couldn’t afford a Benz – I had a limited amount of money to spend and all the Benzes I saw were too expensive. Eventually, I found one that was the model I wanted and the price I could afford, but I felt the color was wrong – it was champagne tan. But that let me know my car was close.
Then I found an ad for a lapis blue 380SL at my price and I went right up and said, “I’ll have one of those, thank you”. And I’ve been loving it ever since.
This is an instance of attracting/creating a specific thing because I was certain that I wanted it. We can also create by focusing on the qualities we want. In a new (or used, but new to us) car one might want: safety, reliability, comfortable, room for the kids and their friends, gas efficient, stylish, affordable. You might want particular features – CD player or DVD for the kids, all wheel drive, heated leather seats.
When I create a car, some of the qualities I always want are: a convertible, snazzy, fast, looks good and I look good in it, fun to drive, fast, easily affordable, safe and reliable. And did I mention fast? Lol. You can specify the qualities and the features you want without knowing the exact make and model you want. Source will then bring it all together for you. Using law of attraction is so much fun!

Lorna Sophia Levy
Philadelphia, PA and Global
Dir (at) SchoolofManifesting (dot) com
Website: http://LornaLevy.com
Blog: http://LawofAttractionGPS.com
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Site: http://TheLawofAttractionTeacher.com
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Ask Lorna Sophia Levy about law of attraction and you’ll get a warm smile, vibrant energy, and a lively discussion of how law of attraction can make every facet of life, love and career more engaging, fun, and successful.

Mix that with her twenty years' experience in management consulting, her passion for human potential, and her ability to make complex ideas simple, and you’ll know why media has named Lorna ‘The Law of Attraction Teacher.’ It’s an apt name for one who is a pioneering teacher, coach, speaker, and author in spirituality.

Warm cognac, buttered honey are words that describe her voice. “Rich, deep, connecting and inspiring” describe her teaching. An intelligent, intuitive communicator, Lorna gently guides each client into alignment with feeling the realization of their desire. Then, by law of attraction, the desire is fulfilled.

Her Clients Say
“Lorna offers real-world solutions based on experience, not theory.”

“I was hired and the job has turned out to be even better than the one I applied for.”

“Lorna’s coaching is simple and eloquent, with the ring of truth.”

As a child of 10, in the library one day, Lorna discovered books about eastern philosophies, and found herself propelled into a whole new world. At that moment her lifelong interest was born.

She threw herself into studying eastern religions; psychic phenomena; paganism and magick; energy healing; and everything that explained the subtle energies around us. Then she studied as much as she could learn about quantum physics. Convinced that there is a field of energy around us that we can use and influence by our minds, she concentrated her studies on the science where quantum mechanics and manifesting and law of attraction come together, reading all authors ancient and modern who taught this, and then going to all the seminars and meeting all the teachers.

Law of attraction has deep roots in ancient cultures and its thread twines through spiritual teachings of all times. Our current ability of instant communication through the Internet makes it possible now for all people to benefit from this teaching. It is Lorna’s desire to see the law of attraction spread to empower all groups of people.

Lorna specializes in working with two levels of experience: those who are new to the law of attraction and those who have had some success with it, but are feeling stuck in some area of their lives.

Lorna Sophia Levy is one of a very few licensed “Law of Attraction” coaches in the United States. She has a free gift for you at: http://AdvancedLOA.com/Beach

Lorna has discovered there really is a Formula for Manifesting that works all the time. You are invited to watch her free webinar here to learn more about The Formula. https://lorna.clickfunnels.com/loawebinar1

If you want to know how to manifest your dreams easily, effortlessly and quickly, you need to contact Lorna!

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