LoA help for feeling drawn to a teacher who mistreats me

by Rachel
(New York)

I had this drum teacher who cancelled a lot on my way over and let me wait in the heat for him, often really long. For some reason I started hating him, but kept on going back because he has charisma. I finally got really physically sick from being mistreated. I guess he realized I acted weird, and he texted me that we shouldn't work together. But I'm still drawn to him. It makes me sick.

Real Life LoA Answer: Hi Rachel,

I feel for what you are going through, as I have been through something similar in my past. I'm so sorry!

However, what your body is telling you (by getting sick in response to situations with him) is that the connection you have with him is not healthy for you, is not harmonious for your REAL goals for your life, and is not in the same direction as your real dreams are.

That is WHY it never works out for your appointments to happen on time or easily!

If that were the right connection for you, it would be mostly easy, and graceful, and feel really good and uplifting, almost ALL the time.

Your body's wisdom and your own Inner Being/Emotional Scale are telling you that the connection with that particular drum teacher, no matter how much charisma he has is not a good situation for you.

Here's a different example to consider:

Have you ever been in a situation where you've driven past a severe car accident, fairly recently after it's happened, and you find yourself wanting to look and see, to try to get an idea of what happened and why, and get a good view of what's going on? You might feel very interested, and really curious -- be drawn to knowing more about the whole scene. ...But it is not because it is necessarily good and helpful for you to do so, you certainly don't want the same thing to happen to you, and being focused on it, no matter how "interesting or oddly attractive" it feels, is not helping you to get closer to your dreams.

That's a similar kind of thing. Sometimes things that are really not good for us, and not helpful for pursuing your dreams or having your REAL goals manifest still feel really attractive, and interesting, or like a fun idea (at the time.) Things like smoking, drugs, alcohol, violence, or other addictions, can all feel good at the time, but aren't doing you any favors over the long term to help you get to the REAL happiness you want.

It's not there is anything wrong with anything from the perspective of the Universe and the Law of Attraction, everything that exists in life is an option for feeling what life feels like. But, you have to be focused on your bigger dreams and your REAL goal for those bigger better things to manifest, and all addictions (even if they are to another person) are just distractions.

The Universe is looking out for YOU by steering you away from him, and him away from you (by him telling you that you two should not work together) but it's up to you to honor YOUR OWN body wisdom, and do your part in finding another teacher.

If you feel like you cannot fight the feelings of wanting to be in connection with that particular person, despite the fact that your body is telling you not to, then I recommend "The Work of Byron Katie" and he book "Loving What IS" -- you can find lots of free information and tools on her website, www.TheWork.com.

And, for anyone else who may be reading this or who is in a situation where one person is not as committed to the relationship connection as the other, I highly recommend the book "He's Just Not That Into You" by Greg Behrendt.

It's not a Law of Attraction book at all, but it is a practical and FUNNY guide to the way people can keep you hanging on, even when they know the relationship is never going to go anywhere. ...It will help you to know what the Law of Attraction IS telling you, even when the other person isn't actually saying the real truth.

Love, light, and blessings to you Rachel, I'm with you and sending you good energy along the way!


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