LoA Help for Accidentally Donated Books

Question: Could you please help me out?

Recently, a box of around 200 books was donated by mistake. These books are really rare and it is almost impossible to find them in pristine condition. They are extremely important.

It would also be really expensive and time-consuming to look around and purchase used books and probably won't be in the same condition I keep all my books. All my books are in excellent condition.

It is very unlikely that the books will be found even though I contacted the organization asking if they could track them down.

How can I use the law of attraction to get them back? I understand if this seems trivial but they are important to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!

Real Life LoA Answer: The challenge you are asking about doesn't sound trivial at all, really.  I too am a lover of books, and would be horrified if some of my prized ones went missing, so I feel for you!

There are a few things you can do.  First of all, set a clear intention about having them back, why you love them, and what you are going to do with them -- be sure to put a great deal of detail into your vision of displaying, cherishing, and deliberately enjoying them once you have them back.

All items have energy, so if they were stored away in a box for a long time, even though you still valued them, if they hadn't been receiving conscious energy from you on a regular basis, that could have contributed to them trying to find a new home.

That may sound weird, and overly personified, but it sets the context for the energy of WHY you want to have them in your life/home again.  (...And how the energy of Law of Attraction is working in these kind of situations.)

Secondly, be willing to do the work of getting them back yourself.  Rather than simply asking the organization they were donated to to look into it for you, try going there yourself, or going to where they were sent later, or after that, and help them to do their sorting work while you look for your books.  Most of those organizations are staffed by volunteers, so unless it is really easy for them to find, they simply don't have the people power to help you out much.  Also, if you have the commitment and drive to find them, that energy will contribute to the power of manifesting their return.

Then, when you have done ALL you can do, then go and relax while you are doing something completely different that is fun for you.  I like to float in the pool and watch the sky and the trees as they seem to shift and change with my perspective, but anything relaxing and fun for you will do.

The Universe and Law of Attraction has your back, and this experience should be contributing to your bigger picture goals/dreams in some miraculous way no matter how it works out. 

Perhaps you will meet someone who will end up being very important in your life in the process?  Maybe you'll learn something that is the key to unlocking something phenomenal for your success.  Know that.  You may not know how it will all end up working out in your favor, but it will.  Know that.  Trust that.

The energy of a solution is completely opposite of the energy of a problem.  As long as you are thinking of them as lost/gone, you are inadvertently pushing them further away. 

Start thinking of them as on their way back to you in the perfect time, and being a key component of an even bigger, cooler, more magnificent manifestation in the process.  Remind yourself of that EVERY time you think of the books, and especially when you are talking about them, and the Law of Attraction will have a much easier time of working it out for you.

There are also some more active suggestions is this answer about finding lost items: Help! I misplaced something valuable, and need Law of Attraction to help me find it!

Always remember, that everything that happens in your life is ultimately FOR your benefit... Everything is trying to lead you to bigger and better, more expansive and joy-filled versions of yourself/your life. Even though it may not always feel like it, this can be one of those situations too!

Best of luck to you and please keep me posted!  I want to hear about how the books made their way back into your life, and what magical gifts they brought with them! Please post an update in the comments below when you find them, or when something else miraculous happens in your life as a result of the process (or even if it isn't related -- we love to share in your joyous manifestations!!)


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Sep 13, 2014
Missing books!
by: Patricia

Excellent advice! This person's missing books--at least the most important books--might find a new way to manifest in his (or her) life.

Almost always, whenever I'm looking for a particular book or DVD, I unexpectedly find it within a day or two at a random thrift shop. That's because I'm not stressed out or worried about it.

You're right---the energy of a solution is completely opposite to the energy of a problem. And perhaps this person did have an indifferent attitude towards the books, which contributed to them moving into a new environment.

In any case, the most meaningful books WILL eventually come back into this person's life, as long as there's no anger or stress over the situation.

Sep 13, 2014
The Universe is always looking forward, so anything lost is really trying to lead you to something even better!
by: Andrea

Yes, Patricia, I have that same experience sometimes, thank you for sharing that.

It's very subtle though, especially with meaningful and valuable items (because the very reason they were valued in the first place is why there is automatically so much more importance attached to the whole situation when they are temporarily misplaced!) ...And, it's that VERY sense of importance that then makes it exceedingly challenging to not feel stress about it.

The Universe is always looking forward, not back, so the key is to figure out how you can look forward (with regard to the overall situation) too?

When something valuable feels lost (or when something is not happening the way I want/need it to), I always try to remember that the Universe is always working in my favor. It can be difficult, but if we can pull ourselves away from trying to force it into place, the Universe may very well be trying to take care of it (even more wonderfully) on your behalf!

Try asking yourself: "How might this situation turn out even better than I originally hoped?" or "How might this end up being for the best?"

And then, step away, focus on something else, and go do something fun for a while. That will always lead to the fulfillment of even more important dreams (if we let it!) Thanks for writing!

Sep 15, 2014
Moving forward
by: Patricia

Yes, the universe is always moving forward.....constantly moving towards the new and the evolving, and we must, too!

Oct 31, 2014
Accidentally Donated Books
by: Russ

In the strictest sense with the LOA, there are no "accidents". What is put out into the Universe, negative or positive, will eventually manifest in one form or another. It is possible that you put a thought out into the Universe that it would be nice if others cherished your books as much as you do. Or, it could have been a thought "I love these books so much, I absolutely never want to lose them, no person could cherish them as much as I do or keep them in such pristine condition". Perhaps envisioning that your books are returned to you after being enjoyed by others or that the organization you donated realizes the mistake, they will return to you.

Nov 02, 2014
Excellent point!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Yes, Russ, thank you for adding that important point!

Sometimes, when we really, really love something, we can almost cherish it too much, and actually be harboring a fear or a worry that something bad will happen to it... If the emphasis of the thoughts are "I hope something doesn't happen to these" then all the Universe hears is the "something happens to these" part of the energy.

And, I like the idea of envisioning someone else truly enjoying them, so that they (or something even better) can find it's way back to you!

Thanks Russ!

Nov 02, 2014
books, etc.
by: Anonymous

Very true, Russ. That happens to me frequently.

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