Letting Go of Love
(...for the WRONG person!)

Letting go of love that is one-sided, and definitely letting go of unhealthy relationships is the BEST thing you could ever do for yourself, particularly with regard to Law of Attraction in love and true dating success!

Letting go of love or a relationship when it's not working does take courage, but it is SO worth it! ...Because only then can Law of Attraction and the Universe bring you the one that IS right for you!

  • Have you been looking for love in ALL the wrong places?
  • Or pining away for someone who doesn't seem to notice you're alive?
  • Maybe you hope last weeks' "hook-up" will turn into something more?
  • Is your flame for your ex is still smoldering after theirs has gone out?
  • Or, perhaps the most painful, you dream about how they would be with you if they weren't already involved with someone else?

Sadly, we've all had the experience of unrequited (or no longer requited) love for someone who doesn't share our feelings. But, due to the fact that the Universe will always bring you exactly what you are willing to settle for, attracting a NEW and Improved relationship requires letting go of love when it's not working!

...And, if the "apple of your eye", your dream girl/guy, or that "special someone" you have your heart set on isn't currently calling you, making dates to see you, finding ways to spend time with you, and making it clear that they REALLY like you right now, (or, even worse, if they are cruel to you in any way), your relationship with him/her is NOT working!

But, unfortunately, while you are focused on the old one, you CANNOT be also allowing the Law of Attraction to bring you the new one!

On the other hand, what I've found both in my own life, and in the lives and loves of close friends and clients, is that when the Universe is not delivering the specific person you may have your heart set on, it is BECAUSE there is someone WAY WAY WAY better out there waiting for you!

The right person for you IS looking for YOU, but, if your gaze is squarely focused on someone who isn't currently making that wonderfully obvious to you, I doubt you have met him/her yet (no matter how much it may feel like you have!)

YOUR perfect partner wants YOU as desperately as you want him/her - the simple fact that the person you may be pining for isn't with you right now tells me that your REAL partner is still out there trying to find YOU!

But, there is hope - letting go of love for the wrong person, and letting go of a relationship when it's not working doesn't have to be hard. It really can be as simple as re-directing your focus toward what you DO want instead:

Start by imagining the qualities of someone who would be EVEN BETTER than that person you already know and have in mind...

  • What are his faults, and how could somebody else be much nicer in those areas?
  • What do you wish she didn't do, and how might somebody else be better suited to you, your preferences, and what you value?
  • What traits might be even more attractive to you?
  • In what ways would you enjoy being treated more nicely?
  • What aspects of a new relationship with somebody else might be more fun for you? ...What would YOU like to be doing more of?

Even if there may only be a few areas where the current "apple of your eye" could possibly be improved, letting go of love that is not working requires you to focus on what WOULD BE BETTER for THOSE qualities!

...Because THOSE are the qualities that your NEW partner (the one that Law of Attraction is trying to bring to you) HAS! He or She is looking for YOU, but you have to let go of what is not working to open up to having them find you!

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