Law of Attraction Audio Free
Web Radio Show on the Economy

Listen to this Law of Attraction audio free streaming interview with Andrea Sholer from the Law of Attraction talk radio show Master Your Universe with Sabrina Kinckle.

On this show, Andrea is discussing "Law of Attraction and the Economy - How to Tune Out all the Bad News!"

Some of the points that are covered:

  • Why trying to jump into appreciation while in the midst of a worrying situation is not effective
  • What to do when you wish you could just deactivate negative thoughts: Switch your focus
  • Improving the ability to manifest money by avoiding thoughts about manifesting money
  • How to release focus from the situation of others by using the "That's Not My Reality" technique
  • Focusing on the "truth" of the economy (or anything else) is not good for you
  • Developing the "It's ALL going to work out and be OK" attitude as a mantra for your life

If you want to know more about using the Law of Attraction in Real Life situations, check our comprehensive list of How To Law of Attraction tools and exercises... But, it will still be some time before each of the processes listed there has it's own descriptive page, so...

...As always, contact us if you have any specific questions about anything you heard in this radio interview (or anything else) and we'll do our best to address them for you! Requests for more explanation and ALL Law of Attraction questions are always given the highest priority, and are addressed as quickly as possible!

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