Law of Attraction and shaking off negative feelings

by Mari
(United States)

Question: Hello and thank you for your wonderful site. It's helped me tremendously. I genuinely do believe in the Law of Attraction. Overall I'm a very positive and happy person and yet, there are times that I can't shake off some negative feelings.

My negative feelings are fears of not accomplishing my desires, which then leads me to worries, which then leads sometimes to anger. What is the best tool to conquer my negative thoughts? Or sometimes, I have doubts in positive outcomes, which again stem from fear. Please help.

Thank you.

Real Life LoA Answer: Hi Mari,

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to write to me, to share your thoughts and appreciation, and to ask such an important question.

You ask such a valuable question, because lapsing into some worries, fears or negative thoughts is so common for us, and can feel so troubling when it happens. But, it happens to ALL of us, all the time. One of the MOST important concepts in the Law of Attraction to keep in mind, and to 'relax into,' is that "you are where you are" and that is perfect. Where you are, and how you are feeling is always alright - it is the perfect moment to relax into letting it be OK, and just starting to let yourself 'go with the flow'. And, luckily, having fears, doubts, and negative thoughts is not bad; it's a normal part of the life experience, and more often than not, those feelings are actually there to help you!

If you are feeling any less than happy, contented, pleasant, loving, sweet or blissful, it means that a large portion of the main thoughts you are thinking about (generally) right then are not in alignment with the truth of who you REALLY ARE.

The truth of who YOU really are is perfect, sweet, wonderful, intelligent, creative, beautiful, kind, loving, precious, and divinely powerful - you are a magnificent creator, and, no matter what your current circumstances are, you ARE on the perfect path, right now, for experiencing all of your dreams.

...When you start to think about anything that makes you feel otherwise, or worry, or fear that it is not working out for you, and feel bad, mad, or fearful -- that is your Inner Being's way of telling you that your thinking is incorrect. If you are feeling bad in any way, it means that **something** you are thinking about is inaccurate, incorrect, wrong, or not the case for you.

I heard a good definition for fear recently, that I now use as a mantra myself: FEAR = Feel Everything, And Relax! Feel everything, you are where you are, it's OK, and you are safe to relax into it because YOU are a powerful creator. The only thing you need to do is let life take you where it is taking you right now, let it be, and be as gentle with yourself as you can.

From the Law of Attraction perspective, everything, everything, everything is for YOUR ultimate benefit. Even when something bad happens, try to remember that it is actually happening FOR you, not TO you. It's really hard to remember that in the heat of the moment sometimes, but, everything that happens in your life is information, or data, or a catalyst to help you to form a better picture of what you really want, to clarify the details, or to "kick you out of the nest" and force you to make a move that will push you toward your bigger goals, dreams, and desires!

When you know that anything and everything that happens to you is the Universe's way of trying to give you a gift that is supposed to help you in the long run, it is easier and easier to not worry too much when you are not clear about how or why (or when) it is happening. Try to remember that everything is either a blessing, or a blessing in disguise, and then look for all the possible ways that can be true, and you will find yourself worrying less and less. Even when something is not working out as quickly as you'd like or expect, look for the subtle ways that it could actually be a "blessing in disguise", and try to see it as a perfect part of the plan, rather than worry it won't happen.

...Consciously looking for all the ways it IS working out now, or could work out favorably is a good way to strengthen your expectation that it will, one way or the other!

You ARE on the right track right now, no matter what. The Universe has created your dreams for you even better than you can imagine it already, and is in the process of bringing them to you right now! This, I know is true! Blessings to you for enjoying the journey along the way!

Love and hugs,


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Nov 23, 2012
Thank you!
by: Matt

Exactly what I needed. Thank you for re alligning my beliefs. Everything happens for a reason, and today I needed to be reaffirmed of that.
Many thanks!

Jan 27, 2016
by: Anonymous

sometime i feel so clueless

Jan 28, 2016
Not clueless, expanding!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

You are where you are! From that perspective, there is no such thing as 'clueless', because that implies that you should have known differently than you did in any given moment.

Use everything for learning, growth, upliftment, and expansion, and you'll never be in the wrong place!

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