Law of Attraction and Manifestation of Dreams on Hold...

by Andrea, RLLoA moderator
(United States)

Question: I am in the process of aligning myself with the vortex more and more often, and am practicing the art of allowing while lining myself up with the biggest dreams of my life so far, but, because nature is almost entirely out of my control, I have to patiently wait, and sometimes it seems like my dreams are on hold.

I was thinking about it the other night, and was wondering what I should do in the meantime? How can I be the most happy, most content, most fulfilled and satisfied while I am waiting for the manifestation of my dreams? (And be even more in alignment with the Law of Attraction at the same time too?) Then it hit me...

Real Life LoA Answer: Start thinking as if you already have it. Imagine yourself after your big dream manifests itself, and you are already having that fabulous new experience that you desire so much, after you have achieved the big dream and accomplished the big goal. Think of yourself AFTER you have your new job, or are already in your new dream relationship, or (in my case) have already had your children, or are experiencing life in your new, fit, trim, healthy body, or are already living in your wonderful new home... What then?

After you have the "freedom" of having already accomplished the biggest dream you have for yourself right now, what even bigger, better, more fun thing will you want to do then?

Take a moment to think about that. What even bigger, better, more fun thing might you want to do AFTER your biggest goal is a reality?

* What will you want to do after you are promoted at work?
* What will you want to do after you are someone's girlfriend or boyfriend?
* What will you want to do after you are happily married?
* What will you want to do after you have your children?
* What will you want to do after you are strong, fit, and healthy?
* What will you want to do after you move into your new place?

...Start doing THAT now!

Start thinking about, looking into, taking action, and having some fun with that idea or dream RIGHT NOW. Don't wait for your current goal to manifest first, start working on the next one as best you can immediately!

Then, because you will be happily engaged in the expansion of your life, the Law of Attraction can more easily manifest ALL of your desires for you!

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