Law of Attraction and Manifestation Basics

The basics of Law of Attraction and Manifestation are quite simple... The harder part is that learning to USE IT is a continual process that never turns off, it ALWAYS needs to be practiced (especially in those anxiety producing situations when it is HARD to focus), and, it's actually MOST important to use the skills for all those little things in life!

...While most of us can easily focus on consciously using Law of Attraction and manifestation practices to get more money, attract our soulmate, sculpt our bodies, or fix some big problem in our lives, the REAL WORLD effects of Law of Attraction are more active in ALL the little things:

  • Going to a social event where you won't know many people
  • Driving to work, frustrated because of the traffic and that jerk who just cut you off
  • The 5 errands that need to be accomplished on your 45-minute lunch hour
  • Having a spat with your spouse or your kids
  • Presenting a routine progress update to your colleagues during a business meeting

It's easy to imagine things going well and and focus on the positives when you feel good (and then to feel optimistic that your Law of Attraction and manifestation practices are working.) But, it's when things aren't so peachy that you REALLY need to go back to the basics:

1. STOP - Interrupt any chaos and the emotion of the moment

Find a way to STOP, or, as they say in the Abraham Law of Attraction workshops, to "let go of the oars"; tell yourself to mentally stop, then take a second to re-focus your thoughts.

2. BREATHE - Take a consciously deep breath

Taking one or two deep breaths is like a "cosmic refresh" button... While you are doing it, decide and declare that you want to feel good! This is also a good moment to remind yourself that it is OK, and you can handle it!

3. ASK - Decide what you DO WANT to be experiencing right now

Focus your attention and thoughts onto what you DO WANT to have happen in the situation. If thoughts of what you are upset about, or "what you don't want any more of" keep coming up, try to "turn it around" and figure out what its' "opposite" might be. If all you can think of is that you want to feel good, that's a good start!

4. ALIGN - Mentally list 3-5 reasons WHY you would LIKE the new experience better

Identifying WHY you want any new experience is the beginning of the ALIGN part of the Attraction process; aligning your conscious intentions and subconscious desires with the feel good energy of believing it IS possible! Listing the reasons WHY you want something adds clarity, depth and positive emotional energy to the intention.

5. ATTRACT - Think about a new scenario for the current situation that would be REALLY NICE if it worked out that way

Take a brief moment to dream a little (or a lot) and imagine a NEW version of the situation in question, but with it ALL working out really well for you... Notice how much better you feel (even briefly) when you imagine it the way you DO want it to work itself out!

6. ALLOW - Begin to release resistance by shifting your focus onto OTHER subjects that ARE working (even a little bit) in your life right now... 

The REAL key to Law of Attraction and manifestation is letting go of attention to "what is", doing your best to NOT give attention to the problem - to try to relentlessly focus only on what IS working in your life. ...Make it your only goal to find things to appreciate that are in your life NOW!

SPECIAL NOTE: If these "How To Law of Attraction" steps seem like they are not working for you, or if "imagining it all working out really well" is a challenge to believe, there are definitely some other subconscious forces at work; most likely resistance, competing intentions, and/or lack of belief in oneself... Here is a brief introduction to some practices which can help:

  • Find more ways to simply feel good and have more fun - it sounds flippant, but if focusing on the problem IS the problem, then having more fun will bring some relief!
  • Identify where you may actually be inadvertently focusing on what you DON'T want instead of what you DO want (I don't want to catch a cold, vs. I DO want to be healthy, vibrant, well and feel great!)
  • What could possibly be bad about achieving your dreams? Clarify your competing intentions by identifying and listing some of the less-than-favorable side-effects that COULD accompany your dream...
  • Think of new ways to believe your dreams ARE possible - go out of the box - what are some wacky ways it could possibly happen?
  • Do self-appreciation exercises, especially before sleeping (Louise Hay's book You CAN Heal Your Life is a great reference for it.

This article is a just a basic list of the Law of Attraction and manifestation steps to be used in Real Life situations... However, there is so much more involved in each step while one is fine-tuning their Law of Attraction skills!

I welcome requests for more explanation as well as ANY and ALL How To Law of Attraction questions. I am adding content to the Real Life Law of Attraction site as quickly as possible, but always give priority to specific requests!

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