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There are so many good and wonderful things and opportunities that I've attracted into my life after learning about the Law of Attraction. And those things, big and small, have inspired me to start a website where I share my knowledge and experience with people from all over the world. I'm a student of life, so I'm eager to learn more all the time.

However, I'd like to share something special about my ongoing book project here.

Writing is one of my big passions, but I'd been aiming, aiming, and aiming to write a book about my terrible, horrible experiences starting in my early childhood. There was some deeply hidden fear that was stopping me from doing that for a long time, although I truly wanted to help others in a similar situation. I procrastinated so much that I didn't even start...!

One day a person from Success Resources U.K. called me. He asked whether I was interested in attending Anthony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within (UPW) event in London in May 2013. So I made a really quick decision to buy my ticket, almost in the last minute.

I guess it's needless to say that the event itself is phenomenal. But, in addition to the firewalk experience, I did there the most powerful exercise about facing and releasing my worst fear. I feel that because of this exercise, I'm finally able to actually be writing the book that's been in my mind for so long. The feeling of flow that I'm in when I'm writing is just so incredible, and I'm almost finished with the writing itself.

After that event, I finally had the courage to move on... and take action! We all know that the name of this powerful Law of Attraction has the word "action" in it. ;-)

Yeah, talk about the universe bringing the right people and events my way... <3

Of course I consciously knew that any struggle is an opportunity for growth, and every bad thing has something good in it. But knowledge is not enough. I finally realized that it was still an opportunity.... Obviously, my Mom's tragedy was a huge struggle for all of us in my family. But her path was ultimately her choice, and nobody in our family could do anything to change that.

I have an inner desire to bring these taboo issues to the public to help others in a similar situation. I've decided to get the book published by next Mother's Day, which is in May here in Finland. Then, of course, I want to get the book translated into English (I'm writing in my native language Finnish).

The techniques that Tony teaches are very powerful and they do work, but there are also many other techniques that people use successfully all the time. It's good to remember that there is no one-fits-all system. It's as simple as "if it feels good to you, use it, and if it doesn't, don't use it".

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