Keeping a positive attitude in the workplace of competitive sales

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Question: I work in sales and it can be challenging sometimes with other coworkers competing all the time. The other night a man approached me with a large order, so I asked my coworker / friend to help me out gathering all of the products. At the end of gathering everything, she asked me how I wanted to split it up. The first mistake I made was saying "I don't care" and she said the same. She then suggested that she wanted to put all of the products from a certain brand on one ticket, so I told her she could take those. Meanwhile, her transaction came up to $700 and mine only came to $400. So I was a little upset. I felt like I was doing the "right thing" by giving her the bigger sale, but afterward I felt a little cheated. I'm just not sure how to deal with these situations a little more gracefully. Any advice?

Real Life LoA Answer: I'm so sorry you got the short end of the stick (sale) at work when dividing up that order!

However, from a Law of Attraction perspective, every manifestation is our own creation. In other words, everything that we experience, everything that happens to us, is happening in order for us to have more clarity about what we would RATHER have in the future. Keeping a positive attitude in the workplace is a by-product of being happily focused on your own best vision for your life.

Life is a work in progress, and when something happens that is not to your preference, it is because what you REALLY want to be experiencing is not as clear and vibrant as it needs to be yet. There is something more that you want for yourself at work, in your relationships, or in your life in general that is calling to you, and it becomes more clear by your awareness of all the things that are NOT it.

The opportunity is to take a conscious moment and set an intention for yourself about how you would like to handle that kind of situation if anything like that ever happens again, and to set an intention for yourself about what kind of experiences you would like to be having in your life overall.

For instance, would you prefer to work with co-workers who were less competitive and more equitable? Or, would you prefer to be doing a different kind of work in general? Or, would you prefer to be earning more money, or experiencing having it flow to you more easily? (well, that last one is a given, isn't it???)

Anyway, when things like that happen, the best thing to do is to use it as an inspiration to daydream about what you DO WANT for your own life in the future. The more clear you are in your own mind about what kind of experiences you enjoy the most, the more often you will be attracted to situations that naturally work out that way. (And that is the ultimate way to have a positive attitude in the workplace, isn't it!)

You are a magnificent and powerful creator, and the Universe / the Law of Attraction is on YOUR side. Everything that happens to you is intended as a blessing (or a blessing in disguise) to be for your benefit in the long run. Use it to clarify what good might come out of it for you, and you will always be on the right track.

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