Is my growth annoying people?

Question: I have noticed that when I go to Law of Attraction events or work hard on myself with affirming and gratitude work, my nearest and dearest tend to 'play up' on me!? Why is that? Does my shift in energy to a higher / different level "upset" them? Thank you; both in anticipation, and thank you for all your wisdom I enjoy your site regularly.

Real Life LoA Answer: It's great to hear from you! Thank you so much for writing, and your sweet comments - I really appreciate that you took the time. You ask a wonderful question about how your growth with the Law of Attraction really can have an effect on others around you.) You are extremely insightful and perceptive - I love it!

With regard to your question about how others "act up" when you are doing more gratitude work or attending Law of Attraction events - you are exactly right - it does have to do with the fact that you have shifted to a higher vibration. But, it's not exactly that it upsets them, it's NOT that your growth is annoying people, it's actually because YOU have a more clear view of who they REALLY are (on the soul level/their Inner Beings or higher selves!)

When they do something that causes you to take your focus off of the true vision of who they REALLY are, it is very noticeable (to everybody involved.) Did that make sense? I'm trying to think of a better way to say it. As you increase your own ability to see the best in others (by refining your understanding of the Law of Attraction, and spending more time in appreciation) and practice looking for the positive aspects of any person/situation, with that increase in ability comes a greater responsibility to CHOOSE to see the good side (even when "reality" is slapping you in the face.)

It would be like being a highly trained musician, who, because she has a refined ear, can hear when the notes her student plays are off, but chooses to love who the student is, despite the lack of musical talent. Whereas that same child's parent, who may not have any musical education, is not bothered at all by bad playing, because they can't hear the difference. ...And the more attention you give to the subject of "music," in general, the more examples you will attract, both good and bad, in order to refine your own ability to practice giving your attention only to the sweet music you hear. Then the sour notes tend to just fade away from your experience.

This may not be a good example, but, the short answer is that it is completely normal and natural for things in your life to go a bit haywire when you are improving your skills in the Law of Attraction area. It will even itself out, but until then, working more diligently at focusing solely on the positive aspects and positive qualities in the people around you will serve you well.

...And, I am also going to keep trying to think of a better example to clarify that concept as well - it is an often asked question, and it would be great to have a really good way of shedding more light on it!

Thank you for writing; it is my pleasure to be in communication with you, I hope this gives some peace and clarity. You ARE on the right track; the Universe has created your dream for you even better than you can imagine it already, and is in the process of bringing it to you right now! This, I know is true! Blessings to you for enjoying the journey along the way!

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