"Interesting" Subjects are not Always Useful in Law of Attraction

by Andrea
(RLLoA moderator)

"But it's interesting..."

In answer to a question about past lives, asked at an Abraham Law of Attraction workshop, Abraham answered: "It's irrelevant."  Thus launching the following discussion about the essence of the Law of Attraction, the nature of the vortex, and the energy wasted on things that seem to be "interesting" but serve no energetic value:
Asker"But it's interesting..."
Abraham:  "But it's irrelevant, it's irrelevant!  And as you say it's 'interesting', the thing that we want to say to you is, here is what WE mean when we say something is interesting:

When you feel an interest about something, it means that the vortex is calling you.  ...And when something is interesting, it means it calls you.  And when something is calling you, we want you to understand that it is a vortex frequency that is summoning you forward, into a further completion or culmination.  In other words, when you feel interested, that means you have found the vibrational frequency that makes you a cooperative component to what is going ON (now) in your vortex.
So, that's not something, in other words, your past is not calling you in that way - your future is!

...If you have been hanging around with us for any time at all, you know we are not very interested in talking about who you have been (in the past), we are interested in talking about WHO YOU REALLY ARE, in relationship to who you are letting yourself be right now, this red-hot minute!"
Asker"Ok, then who were the first..."
Abraham:  "Irrelevant."
Asker"Who were the first human beings in this whole..."
Abraham:  "Irrelevant."
Abraham:  "...And do you see why?  When you have come forth as Source Energy, and you've dived into this platform, and you've put so much more forward, why, first of all, why are we talking about ANYONE else?  And next, why are we talking about what has been, when there is this ripe, rich vortex that is calling you, and everything about the positive emotion that you want to feel, every bit of it, 100% of it is about moving in the direction of that!  And any other conversation is irrelevant.  ...We will not deviate from who YOU ARE, you see.  Go to a movie and watch something irrelevant there!"
Asker"...So, then can you give all of us a quick rampage of appreciation?"
Abraham:  "...The energy is not in the place for it!  You have taken us off, way OFF the path of alignment with ridiculous question after ridiculous question, and now you are asking us to move the energy, all of a sudden, from the place that you have plummeted it to...  The timing is not right for that!

Do you see what we are getting at?  We are just demonstrating with you now:  This is what you do to YOURSELVES, ALL day, EVERY day -- you march down a path, FAR away from who you really are, and then you ask for a miracle!"

West Los Angeles, CA January, 29 2011

When I first heard this passage, I was struck at how I do this myself every day. I allow myself to watch the bad news of the day, get involved in other people's opinions or drama, focus on negative situations, or spend time thinking about other things that are irrelevant to WHO I REALLY AM (per Abraham's definition above) and then expect the Law of Attraction to bring me happy thoughts and positive manifestations in return. It doesn't work that way.

It is up to each person to be diligent in protecting their own attention -- you must only focus on what you want MORE of, what you are becoming, what you DO want (and don't waste time or energy focusing on something that isn't uplifting just because it is "interesting.")

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