I'm afraid that anything I do will be wrong

Question: I am a bit detached from my "own life". I think it is probably because I have this fear of failure, or of getting hurt if the plans go awry. I think I am too afraid to admit that I have this hidden fear, to really let go, which I can trace back to my parents and my upbringing that created this fear in me (which I find very difficult to reverse). I would love to be brave enough to do something bold (big decisions concerning financial matters) but I also see myself feeling guilty and depressed about it. I feel like anything that I might do would be the wrong thing to do.

Real Life LoA Answer: I understand how frightening it can be to follow your dreams when you have been raised to be fearful of the outcome, or fear that you can make a big mistake. Unfortunately, it is often the people who are closest to us, and who love us the most, who can be the most discouraging for our hopes, dreams and aspirations (accidentally!)

It is a process, but when you practice making little decisions, over and over again, which are in the direction of your own goals, dreams, and passions, you will start to notice, more and more, that the Universe is watching out for you, and it is trying to help you!

From the Law of Attraction perspective, you CANNOT make a mistake if you are choosing in favor of what makes you the most happy, and what gives you Peace and fulfillment. In actuality, you cannot make a mistake at all, because the Universe is ALWAYS there to catch you (even if you are not currently taking the most direct route to your dreams!)

Start by making a list on a piece of paper of all the things you would be doing if your life were ideal - if you could wave a magic wand and create a perfect life for yourself, what would you be experiencing in that life. Spend a few minutes picturing that ideal life in your mind as often as you can, and then, when you have choices to make about what you are going to do at any given time, do your best to make choices that could somehow support your vision.

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