I want to move to a new city, but my husband wants to stay where we are; can LoA resolve?


Question: I have visited your website. I get inspiration from that. I have one question. I will be obliged if you will give me answer of it. My husband is doing a job in ABC city. He likes that city, and does not want to shift to any other place. But I like another city, XYZ city. Can I manifest that we will live in XYZ city, and that he will get a job in that city, and be will willing to go to that city? Is it possible to do that through law of attraction?

Real Life LoA Answer: The short answer is "yes" -- if you focus on what you love about XYZ city, imagine being there, read about it, learn about it, and keep yourself focused on the happy feelings you have around the idea of living there, then the Law of Attraction will work out a way for you to get there.

The longer answer is that the Law of Attraction will always manifest whatever is most prominent in your expectation, attention, or energy field. When you are happy, content, and focusing on what you do like, love and appreciate about your life right now, no matter what is going on around you (or where you are living) the Law of Attraction will bring you MORE of the things you DO like about where you are now, and will start to look for ways to expand that dream too.

The Law of Attraction is always trying to give you MORE of what you are thinking about, focusing on, paying attention to, talking about, excited about, emotional about, and expecting.

What you want to do is train yourself to be excited about the new possibilities in the new city, but to focus the majority of your attention on what you DO like about where you are now. ...That way, when you do move into that new city, you will be bringing the energy of everything you love from the former city with you!

Focus your thoughts and attention on:

  • What you love about your husband
  • What you appreciate about his current job and why he likes it
  • What makes him happy and fulfilled in his current job
  • What you enjoy about your current neighborhood
  • What you like about the services, shops, restaurants, and people that surround your current home
  • What satisfies you and gives you a sense of fulfillment in your life right now
  • What you appreciate about the city your currently live in
  • What you love about your friends, especially the ones you see often
  • The aspects of your home that you enjoy, appreciate, and will miss when you move on!

...And then after you are thoroughly filled with loving feelings, then take some action to deliberately manifest your bigger dream.

Do this exercise: Write a "Dream Achieved" Letter

Take 15-20 minutes and imagine that you are ALREADY living in the new city. You are living in XYZ city, the city of your dreams, your husband has a job that he adores in the new city, and is making more money, and is even more satisfied and fulfilled than he was before (in ABC city.) You have a new home that you both enjoy, that you both feel comfortable in, that is friendly to your budget and is a perfect fit for you. You have new neighbors and friends in XYZ city, and both you and your husband are enjoying your lives thoroughly.

Spend a few minutes imagining that reality in as much detail as possible. Daydream about it, see it, smell it, taste it, feel it...

Now write a letter to someone very special to you, (not necessarily someone who is still alive) and tell them ALL about your new life in XYZ city, and how excited you are to have moved there. Set the date on your letter to be one year from now, and use entirely past tense language, writing the entire letter AS IF your new reality has ALREADY happened, and you are sharing the memories of moving into the new city with your dear friend.

You can even write the letter to me here at Real Life Law of Attraction (I will not publish it!) and tell me all about your experience of moving into your new city, AS IF it all ALREADY happened, sometime in the past year, and using past tense language.

Don't worry if it feels silly, or if you can't think of all the details to write about it thoroughly. Just keep using past-tense language, and write whatever comes forward, trusting the wisdom of your own Inner Being to insert details that are appropriate for you, even if they surprise you.

I was doing this exercise with a client a few years ago, and she was telling me about the new home she wanted to manifest, by describing it AS IF she had already found it and moved into it. (At the time we did the exercise, she was only imagining it.) In the course of describing the details, she was telling me that her "new home" was yellow, but then was surprised that she had said that, because she had no particular affinity for the color. Then, two months later, when she really did move into her new home, guess what color it was? Yellow.

Your Inner Being may surprise you by filling in details that you aren't consciously aware are a part of your dream, but let them come forward when they do. Put as many fun and descriptive details into your letter as you can, and enjoy the process of daydreaming your wonderful new life into that letter.

Now, here is the magic part...

That reality that you just imagined, that you just daydreamed about, that you just wrote a past-tense "Dream Achieved" letter about, that reality is REAL. That vision is REAL now. You could NOT have imagined it if it wasn't real right now. That reality ALREADY exists in your vibrational world, the dimension of who you are which is now coming into being--your near future.

When you keep your attention on your dreams becoming a reality, when you can keep feeling happy and hopeful thoughts every time you think about the idea of living in the new city, and when you remain optimistic, even if you do not know how it could occur, that is what attracts it to you. The Law of Attraction brings you what you expect, either good or bad. It is your job to expect that it is all in the process of working out in your favor.

...HOW is none of your business!

How it may happen in not your job to decide or know, that is the work of the Universe. But the Law of Attraction has a seemingly miraculous way of working things out, such that they are always for the highest good of everybody involved. ...for the highest good of everybody involved!

Something marvelous is on it's way to you, even sooner than you think. Your only work now is to be as busy and happy, happy and busy, busy and happy, in your current life/home/situation/city as you can possibly be. Enjoy what you have now, appreciate where you are living now, spend time with the friends you have where you are now...

The FASTEST way to attract anything new into your life is to love the current version of things as thoroughly and completely as you can. Spend as much time as possible in appreciation for everything you can about ABC city, then that love and appreciation will naturally expand into even bigger dreams. That is what will attract the reality of XYZ city (or something even better) into your life. Love and appreciation is the Law of Attraction magnet for ALL good things to come into your life. Start where you are right now, and love, love, love!

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Nov 19, 2014
Great Post!
by: Anonymous

I am in a very similar situation, so this helps alot! Have you had any readers be successful at moving to a new city based on the LOA with their significant other who initially did not want to move?

Thanks so much for sharing this story and also the suggestions. I am really grateful. :)

Nov 30, 2014
To some extent, this applies to my own story...
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

The last time I moved myself, I initially did not want to go to the area where my husband had received a job offer. He, of course, wanted to move for the job, but I was not at all interested in the new area.

So, while he was naturally focusing on the all the good aspects of the new opportunity, I had to work at finding things that might be alright about it in my opinion.

But, the more I looked for positive aspects myself, picking out potential neighborhoods I might like (even if they seemed over our budget), finding restaurants and nearby activities I might enjoy, looking at the libraries, museums, and parks and other community amenities I value, the more I started to warm to the idea.

Then, when it did finally come time to move, our new situation ended up being even better than some of the wish list items I started to allow myself to think about.

When you keep your mind focused on what you DO like, what you DO want, what could be ideal, and open to what might be even better than you had imagined, it will always work out to your benefit in the long run!

Good luck!

Feb 18, 2015
I'll Try It...
by: Anonymous

I am in this exact situation as well. My husband and I actually made the commitment to move in 5 years before we got engaged. Now that we are less than two years away from that goal~a lifelong goal for me~he has changed his mind.

I am going to write the letter, imagine our happiness as well as focus on all the goodness of our love and life right now.

Thanks so much for the question and answer. Inspiring and hopeful.

Feb 18, 2015
I'm really happy this has been helpful!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

I'm glad you have found some hope in this discussion!

Be sure to also imagine your husband happy and excited about a new situation for his career and professional life, that is even better than what he is experiencing now. You do not need to know the specifics or details, but imagine him radiating happiness in the new place.

Best of luck to you!

P.S. Let us know how it goes!

Sep 23, 2015
by: Anonymous

Simply desire to say your article is as astounding. The clarity in your post is just cool and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the enjoyable work.

Dec 05, 2017
Move to a house free from joint family
by: Anonymous

Hi Mam,
I read the article and found it quite similar to my situation.actually I married my husband 5 years back and since then we are living in a joint family. My mother in law is a very evil and negative lady , she keeps doing all negative things to me and the flips in front of my husband. My husband is a total mumma boy and I feel as I am trapped in this house. I love my husband but whenever I speak To him that we should move to a separate house where only two of us all live , he refuses and fights with me. I am In a very bad situation and I badly want to move out otherwise my mother In law will ensure that we get divorced. Please advise how can I use law of attraction to get rid of my in- laws and move to a separate house be it on rent but where only I and my husband will live.

Jan 03, 2018
I hear you....
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

I hear you, that sounds like it is a very frustrating situation. And, it is complex, because there are multiple factors all at plat at the same time.

The best place to start is by trying to make peace with the situation as it is where you are living now. Read this article, and apply the advice to your interactions with your mother-in-law:


Then, when you aren't so triggered and angry when you are around her, you will be better able to dream, envision, and attract a happier living situation for you and your husband.

Blessings and best of luck to you!

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