I want to attract a man I am in love with back into my life

(New Delhi, India)

Question: I am in love with a troubled, unhappy man, who has ended our relationship and now we are not in touch. I want to attract him back in my life, if not as a lover then at least as a close friend. But for some reason, I'm not being able to visualize what I want with him. I really, really want him in my life again. Please guide me.

Real Life LoA Answer: I'm so, so sorry that you are having such a tough time with the man you are in love with. That is really difficult and painful, I'm sorry that you have to experience such aching feelings.

But, when it comes to the Law of Attraction perspective on the situation – the reason it is working out the way it is right now is in order for YOU to be able to attract the person who is best for YOU! The Universe and the Law of Attraction are ALWAYS looking out for YOUR best interest, and working for YOU!

The simple fact that you say he is troubled and unhappy tells me that the Law of Attraction is keeping the two of you apart for a reason, and that reason is for YOUR benefit.

The only way that the Law of Attraction could let the two of you be together was if you were equally as troubled and unhappy as he is, and you are not. (...Nor do I think you want to be?)

No matter how much you care for him, you cannot fix him. It is not your work to rescue, fix, help, heal, support, or lift him up. No person can do that for another – that is an inside job having to do with one's own personal relationship with Source Energy.

No external influence can fill that hole in one's spirit (and people who try to fill it, or fix it through their relationships with other people will always end up disappointed again, because it cannot last.) The only thing you can do for him is energetically send him love and light, and know that he will find his own way in the manner that is best for his own Inner Being.

As for you, your own Inner Being wants you to attract someone new, someone who is a match to your BEST qualities, someone who will magnify the joy you can feel in your life - THAT is what the Law of Attraction is helping YOU to do...

This video is from an Abraham-Hicks workshop in Asheville, North Carolina in 2010. It speaks to how the Universe and the Law of Attraction are always trying to give you the best culmination of ALL your desires – sometimes that is with the person you want right now, and sometimes it is not. But, the important part is that it is YOUR fondest desires that are being served, no matter what is going on with the other person:

Even when it appears that things are not going your way, in the bigger picture everything is always tending in your favor. Always.

I have a favorite saying that I like to remind my clients of at times like these:

"God/the Universe has only 3 possible answers to any request or desire:
1) Yes.
2) Yes, but not right now.
3) Yes, but I actually have something even better in store for you!"

There is no "no" in the Universe – when it feels like the Universe is saying "no" to you, because it seems like you are not getting what you deeply desire, the truth is that there is something MUCH better that is waiting for you and trying to find you!

The best thing you can do, to be in harmony with the Law of Attraction and moving toward what your heart TRULY wants for you (the "something even better") is to focus on your attention on the qualities that you do love and appreciate about that man.

...And ANY man actually – spend as much time as you can imagining yourself happily enjoying the perfect relationship for you.

Don't worry so much about WHO it is with, or whether or not it will be the specific man that you are currently in love with, just try to focus on what you love and appreciate about the people from your past and the person you would like to be with in the future. Focus on the essence of the relationship you want – that is how the Law of Attraction can bring it to you!

You are on a magnificent path! Your Inner Being and Heart are working together to seek out a divine adventure in love, profound satisfaction, and immense joy. Every experience you have is leading you closer to that, and it is even more fun than you can currently imagine – keep looking forward to what could be "even better" for you in each situation, and you will be on your way.

Blessings and love to you,


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