How to Stop Negative Thoughts

by Satpal Kaur
(Kanpur, u.p. India)

Question: I want to know the way to stop my negative thoughts and make my dreams come true with Law of Attraction?

Real Life LoA Answer: The best way to stop negative thoughts is to start thinking about something else, anything else - shift your focus onto something that doesn't have such a grip on you. Then, the Law of Attraction will actually help you by "taking up the cause" of whatever new subject you start focusing on, and will bring you more of that instead.

The trick to doing that is to notice in the first place, or to catch yourself when you are thinking negative thoughts!

Having negative thoughts is not bad, they are actually there to try to help you - they are the starting point for figuring out what you DO want, for clarifying what you would prefer instead, and for identifying an area of your life where your heart is crying out for growth, expansion, understanding, excitement, passion, love, or fun.

The level of emotion you feel accompanying the negative thoughts, is your internal guidance system alerting you to the fact that you have spent enough time thinking the negative thoughts to inspire some new desires, so now it's time to pivot your attention onto something else.

Here are some ways that I use to shift my attention off of negative thoughts and on to a more productive and uplifting line of thought:

1. First step: Notice. Then, get into action and go do almost ANYTHING ELSE (anything constructive, other than what you were doing when you first noticed the negative thoughts.)

  • Take a break
  • Take a walk
  • Wash the dishes
  • Change the channel
  • Meditate
  • Use the restroom
  • Dance
  • Smell some beautiful flowers
  • Tackle something on your "to-do" list
  • Read something positive
  • Listen to Abraham Hicks, or nice music
  • Take a shower
  • Write a thank-you note
Do anything that is a different subject, a different topic than what you were doing when you noticed the negative thoughts.

2. Make a list of 25+ things you enjoy doing, things that are fun for you, or that just make you happy. It doesn't have to be big fancy things like luxury travel, or 5-star dining -- maybe just eating an ice cream cone, or watching a favorite program on TV -- but if it makes you happy, put it on the list. Just making the list will change your focus.

3. Exercise - studies show, again and again, that simply moving will shift your emotions and start to get things flowing again. So take even 5 minutes and get your heart-rate up a bit. You will feel differently afterward, guaranteed.

4. Take a nap. Sometimes simply going to sleep is all it takes to change your state of mind. Set the intention to have a new perspective when you wake up.

5. Follow your highest excitement among the choices that you DO have in this moment. When something else seems more exciting than what you are doing right now, go do it as soon as possible. Keep following your highest excitement as best you can (even when it doesn't necessarily make logical sense) and notice that you mood is elevating as you do so. The Law of Attraction will continue to match the new mood and bring you thoughts and ideas to match it.

6. Think about something you want in your life and make a written list of 25+ reasons WHY you want it. Knowing the reasons for why you want something is the power and the energy that the Law of Attraction uses to pull it into your vibrational field.

7. Go do something FUN! The more often you are doing things that are fun for you, the more you will be attracting ALL of your dreams and desires (as well as banishing negative thoughts.) The Law of Attraction senses your energy and then matches it with people, situations, thoughts and ideas that have a similar mood/feeling -- so the more fun you are having, the better you are feeling equals the more good stuff you attract!

The key to stopping negative thoughts is to shift your focus onto something else instead. Than can also be as simple as just saying to yourself "I want to feel good! Show me something to feel good about, show me something I like..." Then look around and try to notice sign of things you DO like.

It just takes some practice, but I KNOW you can do it well. Feeling good is your TRUE nature -- it's who you REALLY are meant to be -- it's your birthright.

Love and blessings to you!

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Jan 15, 2016
Not so good
by: Anonymous

Psychologically it is not practical

Jan 28, 2016
Which suggestion is troubling?
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Hello anonymous,

I'm sorry that none of the seven suggestions in this response were helpful for you. But, regardless, because you are the creator of your thoughts (and not the victim of them) only you have the power to change them. Even when it is difficult.

Best of luck to you moving forward!

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