How do I become a successful actress?

by Nicki
(Upstate New York)

Question: I'm attending college to get a teaching degree, but the past few years have realized how much I aspire to be an actress. I have no experience, but I love acting and know that I have the talent to do so. I am signed to a modeling agency that offers some acting opportunities, and I was asked to audition for a few, but every audition has been in New York City, and it either interferes with my schooling, or I can't afford to make it down there for an audition that may not work in my favor. I know that I want to act, but there are many obstacles in my way, and I want to know what it is I have to do for the law of attraction to bring these opportunities my way.

Real Life LoA Answer: This is a great question to ask, because almost everybody has this same kind of quandary between what they are doing for a living (or to prepare for making a living) vs. working toward their dreams. It is tempting to think that you must pursue either one or the other, but in truth the simultaneous route is the best of all.

However, the first question you must answer for yourself is WHY you want to be doing the new aspiration? In this case, WHY do you want to be an actress? Every dream requires a really good, enthusiastic, passionate (and personal) answer to WHY (because that is what keeps you going when it gets hard!)

The answer requires careful and honest thought on your part, and ANY answer is OK -- any answer can be legitimate, honorable, appropriate, and reasonable, provided it is authentic for you...

  • Do you want to "try on" different lives?
  • Do you want to escape your own life?
  • Do you want to perform, hear the roar of audiences, or make people laugh?
  • Do you want to be famous, or be recognized by others?
  • Do you want to creatively channel different aspects of your personality?
  • Do you want to make money? (Or, as the case may be, do you not care if you ever make any money so long as you are pursuing a passion?)
  • Do you want to sing, or dance, or?

Like I said above, it doesn't matter what the answers are for you, so long as they are authentic as to WHY you want it. There are three benefits to knowing why you want something:
  1. When you know why you want it, it is FAR easier to imagine it coming true, and then it is FAR easier for the Law of Attraction to bring you the opportunities to manifest it into reality.

  2. When you can identify why you want it, you can then discern what the best path really is. For instance, if your desire was primarily to earn lots of money, then acting may not be the best route, but something else might be.

  3. Identifying why you want something (anything) will magnify both your clarity and your passion for it. That increased passion helps to propel you to take more actions to meet your dreams as best you can from where you are.

The Law of Attraction only helps you with what you put into motion yourself first. That's not technically true, because it is working all the time, regardless of what you are taking action on (good or bad), but, it is working just as surely on manifesting your perceived obstacles as it is your desired opportunities.

So the answer really is to start doing anything you can that is related to acting (or any dreams you may have) as best you can, right now.

...Take acting lessons, audition for community theater, make friends with actors or people who are also aspiring to be, sign up for improv comedy training, create your own videos of monologues and scenes with friends, take cold-reading classes, join the drama club at your school or local community college, hire an acting coach, get voice lessons, or anything else in the area of acting that seems fun!

Do what you can from where you are, as best you can, and then the Law of Attraction will bring you more and more opportunities that expand on what you are already doing.

The reason it is most beneficial to pursue your dreams simultaneously with whatever you are doing for a living is due to the stress involved with struggling to do it the other way around. For instance, if you are working as an accountant, but you really want to write a novel, or become a fashion designer, the stress of trying to pursue those aspirations without having any money to live on in the meantime can zap all of your creative force, flow, and inspiration. And, the subsequent worry and fear will cause the Law of Attraction to bring your more situations which have the essence of worry and fear, rather than the passion, joy, and love you should feel while engaging with your favorite activities and dreams. When you really love something you can find a way to do it, even if that means you have to do it after-hours, during breaks, or while on vacation.

One of my favorite quotes is: "If you are looking for the love of your life, stop. They will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love."

The answer is to do things you love. If you have a choice, always start with the activity that gives you the highest excitement. Do as many of the things you love right now, as best you can. THAT is the energy that the Law of Attraction uses to bring you the opportunities which will lead you to the most SUCCESS in everything you want out of life!

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Feb 03, 2012
Wonderful quote for your dreams:
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Within 5 minutes of posting the answer to your question, I saw Kristin Chenoweth (one of the original stars of "Wicked" on Broadway, among other things) on the television, and she said:

"One of the messages that I like to share with people who want to do what I do is: 'Concentrate on being GREAT, and not famous.' Because fame will let you down, but when you are proud of the work you've done, no one can take that from you."

It is so appropriate to your budding acting career, that I just had to share it with you!

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