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Question: Greetings. Please can you tell me how I can forgive and forget the past? I thought I had done this, but obviously not, because I am still attracting negativity into my life, even though I practice positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. I was told that even though I am positive, if I have not yet let go of my past hurts, I wont truly move on, or receive what I want – that the Law of Attraction cannot work to my full benefit until I let go of the past. So how do I know if I have successfully done this? Please help me.

Real Life LoA Answer: You ask a very tough question, I'm afraid. To forgive and forget is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH easier said than done, and, if it is not really sincere, it can actually be more harmful to your own heart than harboring some resentment (at least from a Law of Attraction perspective.) Trying to cover up real feelings with positive thoughts only makes them hold on tighter, unfortunately.

My favorite definition of true forgiveness is when you can look back on a past situation and see that it was a really a blessing in disguise. It may have been a damn good disguise, and extremely painful to go through, but it also helped to make you into the magnificently divine being that you are now. That is an important thing to know, but, you can't get there in one jump either. It takes time, and practice, to learn to see life from that side of the window.

And, like I mentioned above, it is MUCH easier said than done - especially when you are still feeling the heat of the emotion and the pain.

The only really effective way I know of transcending that pain, and truly forgive and forget, is by doing "The Work" of Byron Katie. Byron Katie's technique of inquiry and examining stressful (or painful) thoughts and beliefs has been the only thing I have ever found to truly liberate me from being held back by anger and frustration in my life. It takes time and effort to really look at the painful ideas and judgments that we carry around, and to be willing to turn them around, but it is SO SO worth it!

Her method is easy, and everything you need to be able to use it is available for free on her site (The link will open in a new window.) There are even facilitators available to help walk you through it if you like. Watching videos of people doing The Work on her site, and/or reading her book "Loving What Is" are all good places to start.

The Law of Attraction requires that you clear out, clean up, or truly let go of the things that are bothering you, because otherwise they are affecting your energy and vibration FAR more strongly than your conscious desires are. It takes a lot of energy to suppress feelings, and when you do, it's like trying to hold a beach ball under water - the pressure wants to make it float up to the surface even more!

Doing The Work of Byron Katie is the only way I know of to quickly and efficiently clean-up and clear out negative emotions, to really forgive and forget. I'm certain it can help you!

Please let me know if I can clarify anything else for you, or if you would like further support around what you are asking. I am happy to answer as best I can. Until then, light ahead for your journey - you are in the perfect place for becoming the person your heart most deeply wants you to be. The Law of Attraction IS on your side and working on your behalf all the time! You are beautiful, strong, creative, intelligent, and perfectly equipped to thrive through any situation you have to face. You CAN do it, and you ARE doing it. Blessings and love to you along the way!

Love and hugs,

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