Healing from negative vibrations in family or community

by Evelyn Tyson Woodson
(Izmir, Turkey)

Question: How do we heal from family and community destructive vibrations? I want to use my gifts and talents for the good of family and the greater good of all life, but with everything I try to accomplish, family and false friends project such strong vibrations of envy and hate that it seems to derail my best outcomes to a watered down vibration. The vibrational field is so dense and violent, that it shows up in the form of child abuse, extreme severe injuries, poverty, over-inflated ego and religious bigotry, murder, kidnapping, addictions, lies, and relationship attacks.

I left the original family at age 17, but always felt empathy for their plight. But, regardless of all the prayers and material help I provide, the legacy remains and my children are attracting the same people. They view me as a threat, and one to wage spiritual combat against, while pretending to love me in words that don't match the deeds. After many years of emotional attachment, I learned that my life depends on detaching, and disallowing the destructive energy. My forgiveness is what has sustained me in all the years of isolation, other abusive projections launched at me, and the targeting of my relationships.

I intend to live my talents and gifts while here in 3D (physical, human body) – do you have any advice that can assist me for now? Thank you for what I have received in the above newsletter.

~Evelyn Tyson Woodson, American in Turkey, as the love ambassador to Izmir, Turkey

Real Life LoA Answer: Hello Evelyn,

Thank you for writing and asking such a powerful question on the Real Life Law of Attraction site! This is one of the biggest and most foundational questions that has ever been asked here.

The reason it's so powerful is that it is something we ALL must face: How to NOT let your empathy and compassion for other people, especially the people you love the most, to diminish your ability to maintain control over your own balance and alignment with Source Energy and the love at the core of who YOU really are!

It's a very hard thing to do – to observe the conditions around you, or ones that are being experienced by others, and be able to maintain your own deep inner knowing that the greater power is love and well-being. There is beauty and love, and gifts, and expansion in EVERY circumstance, but it takes work on your part to see it. And, you cannot be doing the work necessary for your own alignment WHILE you are thinking about or focusing on the plight of others.

Part of the ability to maintain your OWN connection with Source regardless of conditions is in knowing that you cannot fix it, you cannot solve it, you cannot be the solution, you are not here to save the world, it is not your work to police it, or even change it, except by maintaining your OWN alignment. You have to know so strongly that well-being is the bigger force, and that love is more powerful, so that you can maintain your focus on your own Peace and keep the vision of what you DO want firmly planted in your consciousness. Your own centeredness, and alignment with the vortex (of unconditional love) is the only thing that can positively influence anyone else (or even your own experience!)

There is no "assertion" in Law of Attraction or the Universe. It is only your attention to conditions, and then dwelling on them, which continues to perpetuate them your consciousness, awareness or experience. This also means that others cannot energetically "attack" you. It is your attention to their pain, their frustration, their challenges, or even wishing that it would be different than it is, that keeps it active in your experience and emotions.

Shortly after I received your question, I was listening to the audio from the Abraham Hicks Art of Allowing / Law of Attraction workshop from the 2011 Alaska cruise, and a woman asked about maintaining "stability" amidst the series of large earthquakes that were hitting Japan. When Abraham answered, I immediately thought that their answer applies equally to the kind of environments that you describe – ones that are rife with destruction, negative energy and toxic vibrations. Abraham said:

"The advantage that a situation like the one you have described is giving a large number of people simultaneously is: When you are in a situation where YOU (individually) cannot orchestrate the solution through government intervention, through manipulation of resources, through finding a powerful person and demanding a different outcome... In other words, it is much bigger than YOUR ability to manage it through action – you can't fix it through action so that you can feel better.

...So, for the people who DO WANT to feel better, each one has to come to their own personal reckoning as to whether to live through this in fear and anger, or whether to live through it in anticipation of things going well – you have to dig deeper for you own personal reserves and resolve.

...It isn't until you are in a situation where there is no one to demand a solution or change of circumstance from, and there is no solution on the horizon that is readily available, that you finally are faced with the decision of how YOU are going to FEEL about it."

You only have control over how YOU feel and YOUR point of focus. That's it. So, for your own peace of mind and heart, it is up to you to look for the love and gifts that ARE present in the situation as it is. What are the bigger blessings that are rising up from the ashes? You have to envision and imagine it all working out for the best in the long run, and choose to notice only the presence of Love and Source Energy, shifting your focus away from it's absence. That is your work.

In any situation that is painful, or destructive, or negative, the people involved are putting powerful desires and thoughts for improvement out into the Universe / into the vortex, which is making the vortex of WELL-BEING much, much, much bigger, and stronger, and more positively vibrant and alive overall.

Unfortunately, many of those same people do not have the ability to look beyond the "facts" of the environment in which they are living, in order to align themselves vibrationally with the well-being and love that is at the core of who they really are. Then, because they are not aligning their energy with love and Peace, they end up experiencing more and more situations that "prove" their negative outlook on the world.

However, they are also unintentionally making the world (and the vortex) an even better place for all of the rest of us (who practice the ability to deliberately align with the energy of love) because of the strong desires they are subconsciously vibrating.

The vortex of well-being is ALWAYS ready and waiting for anyone and everyone who is able to find vibrational alignment with it.
"...many people are looking for 'stability' in all the wrong places! Because, it IS possible to find vibrational stability even when the ground is shaking beneath your feet! And, in finding that vibrational stability for yourself, you will always be in the right place at the right time."

When YOU are in the vortex and in alignment, you CAN effect manifestations – but, you cannot be in true alignment with the vortex yourself, if, at the same time you are noticing the negative conditions that someone else is experiencing.
"It's a matter of trusting the process of alignment more than you are doubting the conditions of the environment – and something will shift within you that will give you that. But, it is something that you have to work for, because as you know yourself, it is so much easier to simply respond to the condition, than it is to hold your own balance. But isn't that true of many things?

...Isn't there just a reason for everyone on the planet to feel bad, if that is what they have decided to do? And isn't there a way to feel good anyway?

What we are exhilarated about you discovering, for yourself, (and not in the sense that you are going to save a nation, or save the world,) but as you discover YOUR OWN sense of stability in the face of that which is instable, and you discover that you don't have to feel unstable in unstable times, you don't have to feel fear in fearful times, now you have discovered what YOU came to live! And now, as more and more of you are coming to know that, you will effect the manifestations"

BUT, you cannot effect the manifestations because you want to effect the manifestations. That is a sticky point. You can only effect manifestations when you find your own peace within your heart first, knowing that ALL IS WELL as it is, despite how it may appear. It is your own alignment that gives you that Peace.

That is HOW you share your valuable gifts with the world, that is how you effect change – you find your own peace within, center yourself in finding a way to believe that there is beauty hiding within every circumstance, and focus on THAT.

You don't even have to mention what you are up to, or talk to them about it any way (in fact, it is usually better if you DO NOT tell them about it, because they become more deeply entrenched in their current perceptions.) Simply noticing the examples of people who ARE being successful, who ARE being loving, who ARE finding peace and ease, who ARE finding grace and who ARE finding their stability even with all this apparent instability happening all around them, will multiply that evidence in your experience.

You live a good life because you feel good, you don't feel good because you live a good life.

Blessings to you Evelyn, you are indeed an ambassador of LOVE!

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Sep 15, 2011
by: Evelyn T. Woodson

Just at the moment, while the beautiful creative mind is still and quieted, The aware of unconditional Love transforms, every vibration, The Valley is now viewed at the summit.
The cries of the children is now joy and laughter, the hearts of those we love is that of Oneness. No more allusions of duality, Concepts of them and us dissolved in the paint on the Tapestry of The canvas of Infinity. My being gently silently say now "Let go of that which pursues, Deep at the core there is nothing to pursue, What is important is knowing Grace is boundless, and everyone is safe and valued. Now just now in the moment be still and know unconditional love, perhaps letting go results in some disturbances but always know there is a place of peace and joy when the storm is raging. Love they Neighbor as thy self, Do good to them that spitefully misuse you and falsely accuse you, for my sake that you maybe called the Children or Light. I no longer call you servants but equals in the family of Light. I feel very strong love and and a sense of renewal as if I have been cleansed internally. It is the result of letting go.

Grace is on my mind. When I woke up today it was the stillness speaking the word Grace. While I was Pinning my agreement the Email arrived confirming The source.

Evelyn T. Woodon
Love Ambassdor to Izmir Turkey

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