Going to my first Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction workshop, have any advice?

by Leslie

Question: I am hoping to go to my very first Abraham Hicks 'conference' on Saturday, May, 31, 2014. I am extremely excited. I am pretty new to finding out about Abraham Hicks. Is there anything I can do to get the most out of my experience?

Real Life LoA Answer: Hi Leslie!

I am so excited FOR you -- going to an Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction workshop is SO exciting, you'll have a wonderful time!  ...There are a few things that come to mind in terms of maximizing your experience:

  1. If you have a question you'd like to ask, by all means have it in mind, and raise your hand right away to be picked if you feel moved to do so.  But, also be aware that even if you are not called to the hot-seat (what Abraham followers call the chair in which the person asking the question is sitting/the process of being picked to ask a question) your question WILL still be answered.

    It may not come directly, in that the questions that get asked during the day may not mirror the exact words you would have used, but the answers that Abraham gives (even if the initial subject is different) WILL be applicable to, and answer, your question.  Be on the lookout for that.  I do not know anybody who has ever walked away from a workshop without feeling like their questions were answered, even if they did not get to ask the question on the hot-seat themselves.

  2. That being said, try not too work too hard or stress too much about trying to come up with a question to ask, if you aren't naturally wondering about something.  (And don't bother trying to ask questions for other people, or for people who aren't at the workshop -- it probably won't work anyway, because you wouldn't likely get picked for any question that wasn't truly burning inside you to ask.)  It's all about energy and vibration, so it's very personal (and is not easily manipulated if not in line with your true feelings.)  The Law of Attraction is supremely fair in that way!

  3. Try to get there early, so you can get a good seat (though there is no such thing as a bad seat, and it doesn't matter AT ALL where you are sitting when it comes to getting picked to ask questions -- Abraham choose energetically, and the energy will light up no matter where you are!)  But, arriving early will allow YOU to relax, acclimate, bask in the energy, use the restroom, connect with people, and feel like a part of the space/a part of the workshop (get a feel for it all) before everything gets moving.

  4. If you can afford to purchase the recordings of the workshop, I highly recommend it (they are offered at a discount to workshop participants if you order on the special workshop order form while there that day.)  That way, you can concentrate on just listening, and taking in all the information rather than frantically taking notes to write down key concepts.  When you know you can just listen to it all again, anytime you want to, a few weeks later when they send you the CD's/download link for the recording, you can absorb the information given much more deeply, and expand with it, while it is happening, much more naturally.  You are actually able to be much more "present and centered in the moment" that way.

  5. Bring a bottle of water, some nuts or snacks to nibble if necessary, and a sweater/light jacket/wrap to layer depending on the temperature fluctuations in the room.  Hotel banquet rooms (where the workshops are most-often held) are notorious for cranking the air-conditioning and being very chilly.  On the other hand, it's a very high-energy event, so that can make it feel quite warm, so wear layers.  You want to bring what you will need to be comfortable and to take care of yourself, so that you are free to concentrate on the information and be present in the experience, without being distracted by hunger, thirst, or discomfort.

  6. Finally, please don't feel intimidated by any people who have been following Abraham-Hicks for years, or who have been to dozens of workshops in the past.  You are in the perfect place, at the perfect time, and coming into this information at the exact right moment -- both for you, as well as for all the people you will touch with it.  And, because the Universe is always expanding, we are ALL new, all the time, in every new now.  We all are expanding, there is always more we all want, and there are always areas where we don't yet know/have it mastered yet.  If there weren't, we'd be dead, because there would be nothing left to live for!  So welcome!  ...You are loved, you are home, and you belong!

I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time!  Please write back in the comments below and tell us how you liked it, what you learned, and how the experience was for you!

Also, if you do end up taking notes while there (or, if you are so moved by something that you write down your recollection of it after the workshop) and want to share with all of us other Abraham fans, you can post your workshop notes here: Universal Laws of Attraction discussed in Abraham-Hicks Workshop Notes page on Real Life LoA

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