Freedom and the Law of Attraction...

by Yael

Abraham’s Rampage about “FREEDOM”
(Transcribed from the Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing workshop held in Phoenix, AZ on 29 August 2011)

"You can use “freedom” out of the vortex or in the vortex. “Freedom from” always sort of knots you up. And the more specific you get in wanting to talk about what you’re getting freedom from, the more bound you are. Isn’t that interesting?

Freedom from an oppressive employer, who yells at everybody in order to try to get what’s wanted. Doesn’t that sort of paint an image? Can you imagine someone yelling at you, screaming at you, to try to motivate you to do something differently? It’s a really specific thought that feels really awful while you’re using the word “freedom.”

So then let’s get more general about it. “Freedom” in a general negative sense is freedom from things I don’t want, freedom from things that bother me, freedom from negative thoughts. It’s more general and not as binding.

Now let’s use “freedom” in a generally positive way. Freedom to feel good, freedom to wake up feeling good, freedom to breathe deeply, freedom to feel good, freedom to have clear thoughts, freedom to sort of float free, freedom to think what I want to think, freedom in my own mind, freedom to be as I want, freedom to feel good, freedom to align with the energies that create worlds...

Freedom to know my real power, freedom to align with the fullness of who I am, freedom to witness and experience in great depths all of the things that I’ve incrementally put into the vortex, freedom to feel my way there, freedom to interpret what’s there, freedom to begin to discover the fullness of what’s in the vortex, freedom to align with the fullness of who I am, freedom to allow everyone to be how they choose to be, freedom to feel the rightness with whatever they are choosing with no contradiction to my own alignment, freedom to unequivocally feel good...

The freedom to choose the thought – thought by thought – that aligns me with the way Source feels about the subject; the freedom to find out what Source feels by feeling for it, knowing that Source will hold it until I find it, knowing that there’s no rush to get there because Source will never deviate. There’s no chance that I won’t get there. So I am free to take my time to go as slow or as fast as I want, to explore as broadly or as narrowly as I want, to be all that I choose to be in any moment or not, to nap or to sleep or to cover up if I’m cold or to uncover if I’m too warm, to migrate, to choose, to keep myself happy...

The freedom to utilize the energy that creates worlds for the purpose of my own pleasure and satisfaction and understanding that I can offer no harm or deprive no one of freedom in my quest for it; that in freedom, which is wholly offered to everyone, which is a vibrational state of being, that there is no possible way in exercising my freedom I can deprive anyone else of theirs. It is the ultimate allowing of well-being and alignment with Source and fulfilling of my reason for being."

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