Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting

by Earl West
(Daly City, CA)

This is, to me, clearly THE definitive book on, putting to actual use right away the Law of Attraction!

To me, there is simply no comparison - I have read most of the HICKS books. I respect Jerry and Esther of course but the grand distant sweeping gushy declarations spoken at the reader cannot compare to being spoken TO one, toe-to-toe, on implementing (at this here ground-level) the maneuvers to turn the flow of energy, as Lynn Grabhorn say's, right away in the moment, straightaway! There's a good reason why she say's that - it's been my experience - that each moment is like a fulcrum in that when one deliberately reaches for a better thought, no matter how incrementally small, boy! in the next minute, everything is less congealed, more lubricated!

You could say, "Oh! ..that song I've wanted to know the name of, for months, the title is announced" or the msg blinking that I've just noticed on my answering machine from my supervisor - found a way to have me take off tomorrow with pay! Or, the lighter I was just about to toss, works better than ever. Planning to go out to buy some more tea, finding an extra box (a hunch suggest to check the right well in my car trunk, and there is that missing box of tea - "lost" two weeks ago! ...And on and on!

Really, I'm not kidding! With Grabhorn, you can see de facto-actualization of the Law of Attraction, as she is so down to earth, with you, in the trenches! Not talking incessantly about Source and choices made when we were discarnate, etc., etc... To me, this is the practical "bible" re; putting to immediate use this law - that is heeding HOW one is flowing energy!

Thanks for your great site -- warmest wishes, Earl West

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May 03, 2010
Super book, very personal
by: Andrea, moderator

GREAT review Earl, thank you! I really get where you are coming from, and I agree with you!

I think that "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting" was one of my own biggest inspirations for creating the Real Life Law of Attraction site, because, as you say, there is SO much to be said for communicating that we are ALL in this (in the trenches) together!

Like you said Earl, it's the little things that happen every day which are the best indicators for how the Law of Attraction is flowing in our lives.

Thank you for taking the time to contribute such a helpful review - we ALL appreciate it!

May 04, 2010
The "Excuse Me" book
by: Patricia

I also like "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting." It was the perfect introduction to Law of Attraction and later, I was definitely ready for Esther Hicks and Abraham!

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