Dream Boards Are a Valuable
'How To' Law of Attraction Tool

Dream boards can serve as an extremely valuable tool for the manifestation of your desires! When there is a goal or dream that you wish you could be experiencing, that you long for, or that you desperately want to be a part of your life, but don't have the foggiest idea how to achieve or attract it, a Law of Attraction manifestation dream board can really help!

You may also hear it referred to as a vision board, a dream book, a book of possibilities, or even a creation box - all function in the same basic capacity.

What it does is serve as "a holding place" in which to gather and retain all the images, information, ideas, symbolic representations, and bits of detail you currently know about your dreams and desires into one place.

By doing so, you can clarify the elements that are clear now, and start to attract new knowledge and detail to add to the picture while you are manifesting the vision.

Why to Use Dream Boards & Vision Boards

Using dream boards as a tool for gathering those details is advantageous for a number of reasons:

  1. When the details are clarified and collected in a tangible way, it relieves the mind from the "duty" of holding on to the ideas and repeating them over and over and over in an endless cycle.
  2. The repetitive cycle of thinking about the details of the dream over and over is counterproductive in the Law of Attraction, because it represents "asking" for the dream to come to you over and over, without any space or room for the energy of allowing, attracting, and receiving it to actually allow the manifestation to happen.
  3. While you are actively looking for representations of your visions and dreams in order to collect them into one spot, to add clarifying details to your vision, you are using your attractive energy with a purpose that does not dilute your expectation that the dream can, and will, manifest one day.
  4. Your vision is most likely to manifest in accordance with your desires when you are careful to only add the details which have the most passion, and which are most representative of the deep emotional content in your dream!

    ...When you find and collect increasingly more accurate images and symbols to add to the picture, you will be updating the "request to the Universe" without dwelling upon it (or wondering why it hasn't manifested itself yet!)
  5. Though the Law of Attraction is always working behind the scenes to bring you your deepest desires, and it is always "on the case" on your behalf, sometimes those manifestations are more obvious when you have actively participated by providing the "Universal Assistant" with a plan, or a map (a dream board) of what you know you would like it's help in attracting!

There is a limit to that last one though - and that's when using dream boards can get a little tricky!

"Pleading" vs. Envisioning

There is a very fine line between being specific about what you want to attract, and "nagging the Universe" with too much minutiae, too much focus on your desires, or crossing the line into exactly HOW or WHEN (or with who) you want your dream to manifest!

Your only job is to know WHAT you want, and WHY you want it, both "how" and "when" it manifests is entirely the job of Law of Attraction and the Universe!

...Too much focus on when or how a dream is going to manifest itself is like a little kid on a long car trip asking "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" over and over and over! ...And the Universe doesn't like it any better than the parents do!

Let the Universe Work Privately

I believe that the key to using dream boards is to work on them, and then put them away where they are not regularly visible. This would also be true for vision boards, or any similar tool that could easily be hung up, and/or doesn't close itself (like a book or a box).

Taking them out for an occasional connection to the vision, or to update them is great. But looking at them every day is akin to constantly watching a seed and waiting for it to sprout - it can be SO slow as to give the mistaken impression that it is not happening, and that is NOT helpful!

The goal is to plant the seed and release it into the care of the Universe, knowing and trusting that it WILL sprout - the Law of Attraction doesn't need you standing over and impatiently waiting for it to do it's job. (...And, because we've all had supervisors who were like that at some jobs we've had, we know that it doesn't help us to do our work any faster - it usually slows us down instead!)

No matter what your dreams are, I'm fairly certain I can guarantee that manifesting them more slowly is probably the opposite of what you want!

So, whichever name you use for it, and whichever variation of the dream boards tool you use, it is MOST powerful when you create the board (or the book or the box) and then put it away, out of daily view.

By doing so, you send a message of trust and confidence to the Universe and demonstrate the intention of expectation that is required to know it will still happen even if you are not actively seeing the vision and/or thinking about it every day!

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

If you'd like to read more about my own personal experience with manifesting my dream marriage relationship goals by using vision boards, and how very important it was for me to put the dream boards away after I created them, you can click the linked text (just above) to go to the "Vision Boards" page.

Also, if you would like more info about how to make a vision board (or you want any other Law of Attraction information), you can contact me for all How To Law of Attraction and Manifestation questions through my "Contact Us" page, and I will make it my priority to reply to you as soon as possible.

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