Does staying positive while in the moment equal stagnation?

by Lynne

Question: Hello, I am new to the LOA and have been watching a lot of Esther Hicks videos. I am so happy to find your site because I have a few questions.

First, it seems one of the lessons is to be happy and present in the moment. I can achieve this most of the time, but wonder if in doing this, even if it lacks the things I am trying to manifest, is the outcome just going to be solidifying momentum to continue as is?

Second, when I am feeling positive, I have expectations of all sorts of wonderful things that will happen in my life. When something "unexpectedly" wonderful doesn't happen, a part of me does feel let down. How can I get over this? If I am too focused in the moment as it is, will I miss something?

Third, how do I get over impatience? Or do I even need to? Our physical lives are so short and unpredictable, I don't see why I should have to wait to experience ALL the beautiful wonders life has to offer.

Lastly, like many, I have anxiety and general depression. I occasionally take medication for anxiety, and while prescribed, mostly stay away from medication for depression. I have been using positive affirmations as a mantra, which helps me focus on the moment. There are times though when I can feel the disconnect. The best way I can describe it is that the mantras open my crown chakra, but my heart and solar plexus (mostly heart) still feel heavy. Any advice?

Thank you so much for your time and help! I greatly appreciate it!

Real Life LoA Answer: Welcome to the wonderful world of the Law of Attraction! As you know already, it is a lifelong learning process, but it is fun while you're at it (at least, most of the time!)

Will practicing being happy and present in the moment solidify the momentum and cause things to remain as they are?

No, it may seem like things are slow to move and change, and therefore might feel like certain things are staying just the way they are, but what is really going on is that the aspects of your life that you are happy about, and appreciative of, are being magnified by the Law of Attraction, and more and more things that elicit those feelings are being magnetized toward you.

It sounds counter-logical, but if you are in a less-than-perfect relationship, the BEST way to attract a new one is to focus on all the things you DO like about it, everything you can appreciate and admire about your partner (or ex), and the feelings of fun, love, joy that you can feel now (or remember from the past.) The Universe already knows the dreams that are in your heart, and when you are focusing on the positive aspects of what you've experienced, you are amplifying those dreams with the energy of love, fun, joy, appreciation, interest, attraction, sexiness, vitality, and magnificence that you are filling your mind with.

The Universe is constantly giving you the content of your thoughts and beliefs, both conscious and sub-conscious. If someone goes through his day thinking "my job sucks", the Law of Attraction and Source Energy will manifest examples that continually support that belief--the boss yells, the commute's horrible, the co-workers are ornery--the evidence of "this job sucks" will keep showing up.

However, if that same person looks for things to feel good about (no matter how small) a positive momentum will start to build-up, and more and more little things that support the idea that "this job is pretty good, I'm generally happy, and excited about expanding into even more joy and fulfillment" will manifest themselves. The Universe must expand, must give you more manifestations; it is up to you to steer them in the direction of what feels good by focusing on that, so it expands in a positive way.

When something "unexpectedly" wonderful doesn't happen, a part of me does feel let down. How can I get over this?

I have had this feeling many, many times myself, so I hear you, and know how disappointing it is when the manifestations we hope for don't show up (or show up on time.)

Here's what I do when that happens: I remind myself that if it's not this, then it's something EVEN BETTER on it's way.

When I first met my husband, I knew I really liked him after a few dates, but I didn't know how he felt. I kept reminding myself that although he was the best guy I'd met in a very long time, if the relationship did not continue, it was because there was someone else trying to get to me that I would like even more than him. ...Something even better FOR ME; someone I was even happier with!

I'd try to imagine what could possibly be better than him (and, I liked him a LOT, so it wasn't easy to do) but I came up with a couple things. I kept doing it until I calmed my own worries. In a trusting state, I was able to give the relationship room to grow and blossom naturally vs. strangling it with my insecurities.

While you are focused in appreciation of what you are living now, you will not miss the bigger and better manifestation when it comes--the only time we miss the good stuff is when we are too focused in the future or the past (usually the past) to notice what is in front of us. Notice the little things that are going your way now, say thanks for them, and know that they are like a trail of breadcrumbs leading you to better and better and better. You cannot miss your own creations (even if some of them get delayed for a while.)

How do I get over impatience? Or do I even need to? ...Why do we have to wait to experience ALL the beautiful wonders life has to offer?

Impatience is funny, because it can mean that you are just really excited and exuberant, like a little kid going to Disneyland for the first time. But, more often than not, the energy around impatience is really more anxious or worried, and slightly tilted toward the question "what if it doesn't come?"

The phenomenon that I call the 'buffer of time' is actually really helpful for us. Imagine that you are at the most luxurious and delicious gourmet buffet, filled with every delicacy that you love, but that you have to eat it all at once. That wouldn't be satisfying at all!

If every desire that you envision were to quickly manifest, it would be overwhelming (not to mention the effect of the negative thoughts we are prone to have from time to time!) Time to build-up and amplify the good manifestations, while not being distracted by instantly manifesting bad situations, is useful.

And, the power of love, fun, excitement, fascination, interest, joy, pleasure, and appreciation are FAR more powerful than their fearful counterparts. (Not that people can't be really talented at negative manifestations when they continually focus on problems.)

If you look to follow your highest excitement in each moment, and have as much fun as you can doing the most interesting task from your "to-do" list, you will always be on your way to manifesting your dreams. Trust that the Universe is expanding, and so is your life, and it will be doing so in a positive direction while you keep yourself focused on experiencing the best of what RIGHT NOW has to offer.

Re: anxiety and general depression. ...There are times though when I can feel the disconnect. ...Any advice?

As you know, many, many people suffer from depression, at least occasionally (and, I actually believe, chronically.) It is a huge problem in our culture, and it is not to be taken lightly, because it can be very serious, crippling, and even deadly.

However, I am not a doctor, so I do not profess to offer any kind of medical advice of any kind. But, I am also not one who believes that medical interventions are bad, as some spiritualists do. I believe that working with your doctor, for a solution that helps you to be healthy and feel your best, is a manifestation in itself--the same way that glasses help people achieve the dream of vision, or that pacemakers give life to those who would've died, or that chemotherapy drugs can beat out cancer and win!

Medical advances are positive and helpful tools on the journey! Life is not meant to be perfect and wonderful all the time. That which Abraham calls "contrast" is an absolutely necessary component of creativity and manifestation. And, working with a health professional that you trust, can help you weather the bumps (because there is no prize for being miserable!)

That being said, there are some additional things you can also do yourself that will help too:

  1. Cut out all sugar, sweets, desserts, and sweetened foods/drinks (even those with no-calorie, or natural sweeteners) from your diet, except for whole fruit.
  2. Get yourself onto a regular sleep-cycle, preferably going to bed by 10-11pm, and sleeping a whole 8 hours (or whatever your body really needs) each night.
  3. Take a vacation from all news and social media for a few weeks. Make a commitment to your own peace of mind and heart by not being exposed to the volatile energy of other people and the news for a while.

For more information on these suggestions and others like them, see the 30-day Law of Attraction Rx Plan (FREE pdf), which can be downloaded to use as a Law of Attraction primer any time you feel bored, stuck, down, low, or less than fabulous!

I'm sending you light, love, and sparkling positive energy as you move forward in the life of your dreams. If anyone has questions about what is written here, please ask in the comments section (below) so everybody can benefit from the deeper discussion. (There is no need to register to leave a comment.) Blessings!

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Oct 20, 2013
Cogent Pointers
by: earl leland west

This is a good reinforcing of the core effective principles on the LoA, and while responding to this persons queries, these core principles (given here as suggestions) can be extrapolated -- I feel -- to nicely some practical "mechanics" for one to progress toward the fruition of one's wishes/desires. Very nice article. Thank you!!

Oct 20, 2013
by: Lynne

Thank you so much Andrea! You've beautifully answered all my questions and I am very grateful. You even addressed some of my desires in your examples! :)

You and your knowledge are a blessing!

Nov 15, 2013
Thank you so much! (...And one other thing)
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Dear Lynne, and Earl, (and any other readers,)

Thank you so much for your comments and compliments on this page; it is my greatest joy to be able to provide something of value to help people understand and work with the Law of Attraction in a more profound way. Thank you for taking the time to write a comment and express your appreciation.

There is one other bit of helpful advice I wanted to add to the section about dealing with depression/improving mood that ALWAYS helps me when I am down in the dumps. ...And that is getting some vitamin D into my system -- preferably synthesized naturally by spending some time out in the sunshine, with your skin exposed (sans sunscreen) for a few minutes each day, depending on what your skin tone can take. If that is not possible because of where you live, or the season, then asking your doctor for a good supplement can help too.

When I lived in London England for a couple of years I suffered from SADD (Seasonal Affective Depressive Disorder) and getting some time in the sun, even if it was only through the windows, helped me immensely. Even now, if I catch myself feeling low, I get me into the sun as soon as I can! :-)

All the best to you!

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