Does feeling angry ruin manifesting ability?

by Caitlyn
(Cairns, Australia)

Question: Do feelings of anger or other negative feelings and behavior bring manifesting or creation to a halt?

Real Life LoA Answer: Feelings of anger, and other negative feelings and behavior doesn't bring manifestation and creation to a halt, but it does slow down the attraction of your fondest desires, and, if it continues over a prolonged period of time, increases the attraction of experiences that are not to your liking. Unfortunately. It is necessary to have those feelings; you just don't want to stay in them for too long!

Feelings of anger are actually very powerful, and can launch the desires and awareness of new desires that are extremely beneficial for you, but, it is necessary to transcend the negative feelings after first having them in order for the new desires to follow.

It is impossible to not feel anger and negative feelings at times - they are essential to life, and are important catalysts for change. The trick is to try to shift your focus as soon as possible after having negative feelings on to thoughts of what you DO want instead, what your desired priorities are, what you wish you were experiencing, and WHY you want to experience something else.

Having feelings of anger is not bad - it is actually VERY good, especially if what you were feeling before that was feelings of powerless or depression. In that case, if you are feeling angry feelings, then you are actually progressing up the emotional scale toward better and better feeling thoughts!

I find that writing those thoughts and feelings until I cannot write any more is very helpful for me. That is why I have created the "Let Anger Out" tool on this website.

**But Remember** The MOST important part of it though is the steps that show up after you have sent off those written feelings - the advice to re-focus your attention on what you DO want, to take a few moments and imagine that something good is coming from the situation, and trust that the Universe is working it out for you, in your favor, always. (...At least in the long run.)

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