Destined for something big, but family and friends say I am chasing "pipe dreams"

by Ryan
(SW Pennsylvania)

Question: For as long as I can remember, I always knew I was destined for something phenomenal and world changing. At the same time, for as long as I can remember, I have dealt with so much torment and suffering. It has been drilled into my head (by family and close family friends) that I am chasing "pipe dreams" and that I am bringing the torment and suffering upon myself BY chasing these pipe dreams. Even religious clergy (priests, deacons, etc.) have told me that chasing something as big as I was destined for had to be balanced out with the torment and suffering; which will be worth it all in the end.

My dreams won't give me any resolve, and I have been struggling day in and day out with working on making them happen. But no matter which path I take, no matter what resources I use to get there, no matter how good I feel for a temporary time period; I always end up at the same exact place where I started. It's like chasing the carrot dangling in front of me on a rope on a stick - just right out of my reach, but enough to keep me motivated.

I know now what I am supposed to be doing with my life, because God himself (YHWY means "I Am") has shown me the vision, but has not yet shown me the way to get there.

What do I need to be doing differently?

Desperately Pleading,

Real Life LoA Answer: Hi Ryan, and thank you for writing in to share your struggles. Your perfect articulation of pain and frustration of having big dreams in a world that wants to keep you small is expressed so well, and your experience will also help so many people who will read this, that I am most grateful to you.

Let me start by reflecting back to you some of what you have already said, and what your heart already knows -- YOU are magnificent, you are special, you are wonderful, you are gifted, talented, loving, creative, compassionate, beautiful, divine, phenomenal, intelligent, resourceful, imaginative, and have remarkable gifts to share. YOU do, you are all of those qualities, and more, and you are here in this world, now, for a reason. As you said, you know that -- that's a great start!

The problem arises when we, you or me, or anybody else, let other people in on the dream too soon, or try to recruit the help of other people who might not be able to hold the vision with you. Most of the other people around us, unfortunately. As you know, even family, loved ones, spiritual leaders, and your closest friends cannot necessarily hold your dream in a sacred enough space to support you, no matter how much they love you and want to help.

Other people are, unfortunately, supremely talented at squashing and trampling our dreams, even though it is almost alway completely inadvertent and accidental. It happens because they cannot hold their own dreams for themselves, and what they cannot do themselves, they cannot do for you. What they do instead, is mirror back to you whatever society taught THEM to do with THEIR dreams, which, as you know, is often to squash and bury them.

But, it is not your job to fix them, (thank God) -- I only mention it to give some context as to why so many people in your life, even people you would hope and expect to be encouraging, fall so short, and end up being so discouraging instead.

The Law of Attraction brought them all into your life to sharpen your resolve, hone your vision, deepen your desire, clarify your ideas, and to force you to wash away your own doubts, so now you do not need the nay-sayers anymore. The suffering only happens in the middle of the story, until you are ready to burst beyond the opinions of the people around you and follow what you know is in your heart... You are ready to get started!

Your dreams won't give you any resolve because they demand to be created, acted-upon, fulfilled, expressed... YOU are here, in this world to create all the dreams you have now, and more. The entire Universe is yearning for you, is craving the fulfillment of your dreams, as if it's very existence, it's expansion, depends on it -- because it does.

The Universe, and all of us in it, are always expending, and it is the creation of our dreams and visions that facilitate the growth. The manifestation of your dreams into reality IS that very growth and expansion. You are made of the exact same stuff as the Universe, the same loving energy as ALL that is, and your dreams are the very creation of life. That is what you are here to create, and that is why you are here.

If you can imagine it at all, it is already created in the vibrational reality, and if it will add more love, joy, and peace into the world, and expand the Universe in a positive way, it cannot not come to be! The Law of Attraction and the Universe is already helping you to create it now, just by being here and reading this.

You are here for a bigger reason, you are part of a larger story, and you are here to interact with a group of supportive others who are waiting specifically for YOU to join them, so they can do what they are here to do in concert with you. The role you are to play, and the gifts you have to share are even bigger and more important (and necessary) than you know!

The good news is that you need only know the WHAT of your dreams, not the HOW. How you are to get there, to achieve them, to make it happen is not your business, not your job. The number one weapon other people will use to try to shoot down your dream is to ask you "how are you going to do that?" but YOU must remember that it is NOT YOUR JOB to know how -- that's God's work -- the job of the Law of Attraction and the Universe. Your dreams grow from the inside out, not the other way around.

With that in mind, the number one way to avoid that problem is to keep your dreams very close to your heart, and private, as if you are carefully nurturing and tending a fragile garden of tiny sprouts, until they are strong enough to speak for themselves. Don't talk about, just start to do it. The Universe will support you and introduce you to cooperative relationships, and harmonious opportunities along the way.

  • No matter how old you are, start now. Start taking steps to move forward on your own, if you need to learn some skills to prepare for the fulfillment of your dreams, take some classes, or spend time at the library learning as much as you can about it. If you need training, look for experts to mentor you.

  • Carry a notebook at all times and jot down your ideas as they occur, journal about your feelings and concerns, and ask your Inner Self for guidance. Use automatic-writing as a way for your own Inner Wisdom to answer you and show you solutions and your next steps. Review your daily insights each night.

  • Read: Read uplifting books and inspiring texts, read novels about transformation and triumph over circumstances, biographies about people who have achieved remarkable things, read the work of authors whose work tells you that you are capable and magnificent. "A Course In Miracles", "The Wizard of OZ" (the book, not the movie), and "Power vs. Force" are only some of my favorites.

  • Each day, each hour that you can, do your best to follow your own excitement in deciding on your activity or what task to work on. As best you can, choose to start with whichever task seems the most fun (from among the choices your currently have.) Let your own excitement and inspiration lead you as often as possible. When you practice following your inspiration and excitement with the small and mundane, you will be better able to follow it as it grows and leads you to new opportunities.

  • Start doing it -- start painting, writing, building, speaking, creating, playing, training, performing, gathering, sharing -- start doing the thing, and let IT show you how it wants to build upon itself.

  • Surround yourself with people who have similar interests as best you can, maybe look into, support groups, clubs, or form a mastermind team.

I would also recommend DISENGAGING from mass consciousness for a while; take a media vacation. Try to avoid situations where you are subject to the opinions of the peanut gallery -- social media, Facebook, Twitter, television, chat rooms, blog-comments, newspapers, possibly even community or family gatherings (if they aren't uplifting and supportive.) Become a keen observer of how you FEEL, and if you aren't feeling positive, hopeful, and optimistic in any situation, get out of it as swiftly as you can.

There is so much more I could say about this topic; it is something we ALL struggle with, really, and we ALL must come to terms with. Please add any comments below to continue the discussion, ask further questions, clarify any of the points, or to share your progress!

And to all who are reading this, this all applies to YOU too! Ryan had originally written in to ask the question, but this answer applies to ALL of us -- ALL OF US! It applies to Ryan, but also to me, and any other divine and magnificent co-creator (YOU) who has been drawn here to read it....

I am pulling for you, I see you succeeding in such a magnificent and glorious way, and ultimately creating something even more grand that your imagination can currently conceive of -- I know you are doing it, and I am sending you light for the journey! ...Please keep in touch and share how you are progressing!

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May 04, 2014
Just What I needed to hear.
by: Anonymous

I am so excited. I am in the vortex. I will keep you post--remember the name Jungle Beauty Goddesses. I am sending an abundance of love and light to all the dreamers in the world.

Nov 14, 2016
Yes we CAN
by: Joseph

Excellent, we are here for reasons & purposes beyond our cognitive abilities. A dream is a vision in another form. What we can imagine we can achieve if we to that vision that dream. We are here to become more than we were before. We are here to learn & we learn by doing. We are creators & we are here to create & make thing the way we would have them to be. There is more much more than enough for all of us. If one questions that , then I suggest that you go somewhere where there are not lights at night, perforbly at sea in the Southern Hemisphere & look up into the heavens & see the beginning of the abundance that surrounds us. We just have not yet figured out how to go out there to that abundance & begin to explore it. It is there waiting , calling & beckoning for us to come , to experience & to learn!!! The only thing that stands between us & it & our dreams & vision s is ourselves. We have been so busy fighting, struggling & killing each other that we have not found much time for anything else. Most of our greatest advances have come about as a result of trying to gain an advantage over our fellow man so that we could either control them or kill them. What an incredible waist of resources & of life. If we could only learn to work together we would accomplish infinitely more with an incredibly small amount of effort & resources as well as a greatly reduced expense. WHEN WILL WE LEARN?? Again, the only thing that stands between us as we are & us as we could be is US!!! And thus is the statement born out that we are our own worst enemy!!! We could all HAVE IT ALL if we would just set aside that which we do not agree on & find something that we do agree on ( besides trying to kill each other over differences of opinion) thing we have never seen or even imagined would begin to appear before us & open up to us & there would be nothing that would be kept from us, but first we must learn the art of being able to disagree without becoming disagreeable. Two cannot walk together accept then agree! I have liked the Moody Blues all my life since I was a teenager in the late 60's . I do believe us are on the threshold of a dream & that we will cross that threshold & live the DREAM!!!! JAK AOL Bon Voyage SHIPS AHOY mattie!!!Set sail for new worlds & New Ways of living , thinking & being!!! Life is what you make it so why not make it BETTER & BETTER & BETTER!!!!!

Nov 20, 2016
Beautiful, thank you!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Thank you Joseph, that is beautiful. Wise, wise words my friend, thank you so much for taking the time to share the vision with us!

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