Are visualizations or affirmations better for the Law of Attraction?

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Question: I'm new to the studies of Law of Attraction and was wondering what the most effective way is to manifest the life and career one wants? Visualizations, or affirmations, or both? There is a new career path I want badly to manifest. Are there specific techniques that work better than others?

Real Life LoA Answer: That is actually kind of a tricky question, surprisingly enough... The challenge is that both visualizations and affirmations (and many, many, many other techniques) can be great practices when you are already feeling good, and not helpful at all if you are not already feeling good.

The reason is that the Law of Attraction will always bring you more of what you are ALREADY thinking, feeling, and expecting, which, when you are feeling bad, or pessimistic, frustrated, or discouraged means more of THAT. (...And none of whatever it is that you are visualizing on, affirming about, or were wishing was different!)

To get the feel for how it works, imagine that you have two friends, each of whom are trying to get you to come with them to go do something....

One of your friends is down, moping around, and is possibly even a tad angry. As he is telling you about what he wants you to go do with him, he keeps talking about what he dislikes about where he is now, what he is afraid might happen if he stays there, how much he detests the other people around, and how he is not even sure it is going to work out anyway, because it never does.

The other friend is happy and laughing, and enthusiastic. That friend is certain that what he wants you to go do with him will be a fun adventure; because he usually finds a way to have a good time everywhere he goes. He feels certain that the other people there will be nice, and even if you don't decide that you want to go with him, that's cool, because he is also perfectly willing to stay where you are and have just as much fun there. Either way, he's happy and content to just be spending time with you.

Which friend would you rather go with?

The Law of Attraction works kind of the same way, except that you are always choosing "which friend you want to go with" by what YOU are focusing on, paying attention to, and how you are modulating your own mood – which ONLY YOU have complete control over.

The trick is practicing ways to keep a good attitude, an optimistic outlook, and improving your ability to believe that things are in the process of working out for you, even when the conditions at the moment are not to your preference.

That is the key first step to any Law of Attraction process or technique being really effective – find a way to feel good, happy, fascinated, fun, interested, hopeful, content, peaceful, or at ease right where you are first. Then, start to imagine what could be even better.

So what would be a good place to start then, you might ask? In terms of a new career, start with this:
  • Make a list of at least 25 things you truly like and appreciate about what you are doing for work now. Even if you clean out septic tanks for a living, focus your attention on what IS good about it; the people you work with, getting paid, the skills you enjoy using, time to think, etc.

  • Do some activity that you really enjoy every day – not something that is actually just a clever escape from your life (like drinking, gambling, eating, etc.) but something that is fun for you, and engages your attention and skill.

  • Start a practice of meditating, in some form. Guided meditation, transcendental meditation, sitting quietly and focusing on a candle flame, a constant sound, or your breathing – it doesn't really matter what type, what matters is deliberating quieting your mind, for about 5-15 minutes a day, so you can use the skill when you need it.

  • Stop watching television as much as possible, and start to train yourself to only give your attention to something if you want MORE of it (or if you want MORE of how it makes you feel.) For instance, if while watching commercials (or trashy reality shows?) you feel frustrated and annoyed, you are simultaneously attracting MORE things into your life which will make you frustrated and annoyed while you are spending time that way (just for example.)

  • Remind yourself every day of what is going alright in your life – maybe it's not perfect, but you are doing OK: You have a place to live, you are breathing and your body is functioning, you have food to eat every day, there are people (and animals) in your life who love you and you love, you have a bed to sleep in, and a computer to connect with the world...

  • Identify some things you would be doing if you already had the career or life that you want – who would you be spending time with, what would you be doing, what would you do in your free time (if you had any of that), and go start doing some of those things. Do it now, and only do as much of it as you would have time for AFTER you have the life/career you want. Do whatever you can do now, to expand into the life you want, in advance.

Now some of these things may seem counter-logical, or like they aren't really doing anything very constructive to get you to the life of your dreams. But, the important part is that you find ways to simply feel more peaceful and content in the meantime. The Universe is ALREADY on the job bringing your expanded life and career to you, now it's just a matter of YOU being "that friend that you would want to go with" if you had the choice!

The key is to get yourself into a state of feeling more at peace with who you are, and how your life is, at this moment – feel as good as possible right now. And then, ANY technique (visualizations, or affirmations, or anything else) that gives you a greater feeling of enthusiasm and excitement when you play with it will be helpful.

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Sep 29, 2011
Being the power of now
by: Evelyn T.Woodson

The question is familiar because, at some point, our real self looks for outlets the ego cannot overshadow. We often sense what feels like emptiness of the absence of joy, or a means to express our creative abilities the way we enjoy.

The question is a good revelation that the poster is prepared to go to the next level.

The answers are very enriching, and so simplistic a child can relate to them. Thank you both for affirmation. Remember the power of now, is active for all emergent awareness. Love, Joy, and Peace now attracts more of the same.

Evelyn T. Woodson
the power of now

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