Applying the law of attraction to infants attracting negative experiences

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Question: I am a firm believer in law of attraction but I have a question that I can't figure out an answer to: Applying the law of attraction to infants who are attracting negative experiences, sometimes before they are born.

If everyone, everyday, at any age is using law of attraction (whether or not conscious of it), wouldn't that include infants? How can an infant be creating their experience when they don't even understand where they are and haven't developed true feelings? And to take it a step further, what about in the womb? We are after a certain point a full human being with a spirit before were born. How can we attract things into our life (such as where were born, who is part of our life, what we are fed or how comfortable we are day by day).

I ask because of the unfairness we see with babies being abused or dying. If we are all creators how is it possible for a baby to create being starved or hit? If we all come from a state of wellbeing than why do some start out here in such horrible conditions?

Real Life LoA Answer: The questions you have asked are excellent ones, and ones that we ALL have to find an internal sense of Peace about, in order to really acknowledge that we are indeed the creators of our own experience. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and ask, because it is an essential key to the Law of Attraction!

I will do my best to give my own understanding of it, though it is a bit difficult because the world/Universe/Life is really a multi-dimensional concept, and we humans tend to "think" (for the most part) in only three-dimensions, on a physical, human, time scale. Very often, it is difficult to understand/see/know/remember the spiritual value of challenging circumstances, especially early ones, and to focus on the blessings that always grow out of hard times in the long run.

It is the NON-physical part of you that really does the creating. That part of you, the soul, Inner Being, energy, or essence has higher goals for life and living than simple day-to-day comfort or an easy existence. That part of you wants to experience REALLY living - ALL of it. It wants to really feel what it feels like to have experiences of ALL kinds, and to use the Inner Resources and creative ability to craft, form, and attract new realities from the seeds of those initial experiences.

The best way I have found to conceptualize it for myself is to use an analogy. I think of Life, and the experience of being physical, as a GIANT spiritual "amusement park". Before we are born, we are just non-physical souls with consciousness, floating around, and wishing we could feel what it felt like to have feelings and thoughts that created new experiences, wanting to use the attractive tools of deliberately focusing our thoughts to create, and wanting to know what it felt like to be physical, but we didn't have bodies.

So, we are super excited to go to the "amusement park" of physical LIFE on Earth - to be born into a physical body and have a human lifetime. We are SO excited to go, like little kids who cannot wait to get there, and just keep asking: "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

As souls, we KNOW the "amusement park" of LIFE is going to be fun, we know it is going to be exciting, exhilarating, tiring, wonderful, beautiful, sometimes scary, and magnificent. Above all, we know we are going to be safe. That is why we think it is going to be so much FUN - even if a particular ride is scary, or fast, or makes us sick, it is still worth it to be able to go to the amusement park. We know there are going to be lines, and waits, and boring bits, times that we are hungry, or screaming our heads off, and we know that we are going to experience magical and incredible parts too. We just want to go. We just want to go.

We know that nothing really bad can happen to us, because in a man-made amusement park safety precautions are built in to all of the rides, and in the spiritual "amusement park" that we know as LIFE, there is no death. Death is simply a return to non-physical, which is the same state we are in when we are excitedly wishing to go the "amusement park" in the first place! So, it is no different from where we already are (as souls, and therefore, it is not a discouragement.) Whew.

All we know is that we desperately want to go, we SO want to have those experiences, we know we have the Inner resources to handle ANY "ride" (experience) we find ourselves on, and we do not care at all that there are going to be some boring, bad, or scary bits - we still want to go!

The kinds of decisions that you mention in your question, like deciding where to be born, who to be born to, or to come into an existence that is abusive, harmful, dangerous, or difficult (like being ill, or handicapped, or impoverished, etc.) all happen before we are born, even before our souls "attract" the circumstances that will form the basis of our physical lives.

The soul actually WANTS to have challenging experiences, because life is more vibrant that way - there is more to FEEL. The soul wants to create brand new ideas, wants to create new solutions, new strengths, to have ideas that will develop into things that have NEVER existed before! The soul wants to be a part of the expansion of the Universe, and the only way to do that is to create in a way that hasn't been done before.

Challenges and hardships are necessary for that kind of creation. The only way to create anything really new is to have experiences that force the mind to craft and imagine new ideas, and usually, one needs to have a "reason" to imagine new ideas that way. ...To fill a need, to fix a problem, to make something better, etc.

This is a HUGE question, and I feel that I have only scratched the surface. It has a great deal to do with the concept of free will, which everyone has, from before they are born (even if they are not consciously using it yet.) The soul is still very much in charge of the kind of experience it wants to have, even if it doesn't make logical sense to the mind/ego of the people who are already living on a physical, human level.

Abraham, in the Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing workshops has also answered this kind of question in various ways a number of times, so if you would like to hear/see more of their explanation of it, you can find some good excerpts and videos on their website or on YouTube.

Please add a comment below if I can further clarify anything about my own explanation of it, or my analogy.

Thank you again for writing! I hope this helps. It is a BIG idea that even I have trouble wrapping my head around sometimes (and I have been studying these principles for decades!)

Blessings, hugs and love to you,

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