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Question: Hello, I have a question about the Universal Laws of Attraction: Well, people say to visualize, believe, be grateful and all that, but they also say that TAKING ACTION is IMPORTANT. Well, I don't know WHAT action to take? Some say it just comes to me, like, "maybe I should do this" but I don't get any feeling like that! How am I supposed to know WHAT ACTION TO TAKE, and WHEN? :-(

Real Life LoA Answer: What an awesome question! I am so glad you articulated that common frustration so well and took the time to write. As a matter of fact, I was thinking about that very thing just the other day.

Action is definitely required. But, which action is best to take is a challenge we all face, all the time, no matter how well we get to know the power of the Universal Laws of Attraction, because the answer is multi-dimensional and depends on where one is starting on the emotional scale at any given time.

When you are feeling really good, in the flow, in the groove, happy, and engaged in whatever you are doing or thinking about at the moment, that is when those inspired actions come to mind -- those things people say "you'll know it when you know it" kind of things about. For me though, those moments aren't all that frequent, and when I am feeling that way, I am not wondering about what action to take (because I am already going with the flow!!)

For me, when I am wondering which action is the best action to take, I am usually somewhere in the mid-range of feelings - not angry or depressed, but not blissful and floating on air either. In that case, the best advice is to the do the thing that will be the most fun to do (as best you can).

Try making a list of the possible actions you can think of - things on your to-do list, possible things you could try, things you have considered starting, and maybe even a wild-hair kind of idea or two. Then, pick the one that will be the most fun of the possible options, and do that first. When you get into having fun doing something, anything, you will be moving in the right direction. Then, the resulting sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, if only just a little, will inspire more ideas, and so on and so on.

On the other hand, when I was thinking about the topic the other day, it was because I was feeling kind of blah, a bit low, melancholy and bored... In that case, the answer would have been to do nothing right away. That's right, do nothing. Give yourself the freedom to simply NOT think about it all, because thinking about nothing, and doing nothing, is FAR preferable to thinking about the problem, or taking action when you are out of the vortex!

Once you have taken some time for yourself to just relax, to not think about the problem at all, reminding yourself that it will work itself out for the best as soon as you are back in the vortex yourself, then you can get back into motion by doing ANYTHING that is NOT on the topic of your primary goal/frustration/problem. ...Just getting moving, doing anything at all, is preferable to lying around wallowing in inertia while focusing on a problem.

I keep what I call a "Do Something, Anything!" list, so that when I am feeling that way, I can consult the list and do something off of it, just to get moving, get up, and get the juices flowing. Getting energy into motion is the first order of business, then, trying to have as much fun as possible doing it is the next priority!

I am a firm believer in an "all roads lead to Rome" philosophy on this topic. In my experience, it almost doesn't matter which action you take - what matters is how you feel about yourself while you are doing it. From a Law of Attraction perspective, the attitude or the mood you have is the important part, not the action itself.

The best advice is to always to do your best to follow your passions, and make choices about the use of your time and energy in accordance with your most important passions. In other words, take actions which move you toward your passions whenever possible. That way, you can never go wrong!

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