Abraham Hicks: Rampage to Find a New Job using the Law of Attraction

by Yael

Abraham’s rampage about Finding a New Job

The following is a transcription, quoted from the September 17, 2011 Stamford, CT Abraham Hicks workshop, in reply to someone looking for a new job:
"I sure wish I could find something that felt better. I’d like to feel good at work.
I’m sort of bored at work. I don’t feel very fulfilled. It’s just not very fun. There’s got to be something better for me. I don’t really know where to find it.
It would be nice if I could find something that’s better suited to me. I know that it must be out there. Everybody is not in their perfect job. There are a lot of people who are doing less than what they really want to do. I think we all have potential for more. There’s always more there for me.
It’s not necessary that I find it right now, immediately, but it would be nice. I’m looking forward to it. I like spending such a big part of my life doing something that feels more satisfying.
I do believe that it has to be there and that eventually I’ll find it. I certainly do not feel like I am out of time. I have the patience to allow it to come. And I do think that in all of my not-enjoying-what-I’ve-been-doing, I probably have put plenty of good stuff into my vortex. So I imagine that there is stuff cued up there for me – probably more than I even realize.
I like the idea of getting into the vortex.
I like the idea of getting in there where the path will unfold. I like believing that it’s out there for me. I like believing that the universe has it lined up. I like believing that the co-operative components have already been aligned. And I like believing that all I have to do is sync up with that.
I like this feeling of feeling lighter about it. I’m looking forward to getting on that trail. I like the feeling that as the trail starts revealing itself to me that I’ll know it. It’s going to be fun. This journey towards this improved employment is going to be fun!
And I’m not sure I’ll ever find my perfect work; I’ll just always be on my way to the improvement. And there’s something nice about always being on my way to the improvement that sort of diffuses the not-perfection of where I stand. But I don’t ever really want to be in a place of perfection, because it’s always going to be improving. So, where I am is pretty much all right. This is just a never-ending, always unfolding journey of getting more and more of who I am and what I want.
And I have to believe that in the middle of this job that is unrewarding, I put all kinds of stuff in my vortex that is more rewarding, which makes all of this part of the important process. And so actually I’m coming to realize that right here and right now, I love where I am.
I really love where I am, because it’s the basis of what’s coming. And who can start a journey without having a starting place? And isn’t a starting place all right no matter where it is?
I’m not even sure why I was not liking where I am. I’m not sure what’s wrong with where I am. I think it’s pretty much okay where I am…"

~Abraham Hicks
(9-17-11 Stamford CT workshop)

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