Abraham Hicks on "necessary evils" like taxes

Real Life LoA Editor's Note: I did not transcribe these notes myself, but it's from the Abraham Hicks Vortex of Allowing Panama Canal Cruise, day 3, on March 21, 2011.

The question was, "Are there necessary evils like doing taxes?"
Abraham starts off by softening it by simply calling it contrasts.

Once you move into the Vortex, you won't regard things as "tasks" or "evils" - just variety.

The better way to look at it is by asking - "Are there things that I don't want in my environment that would automatically always hold me out of the vortex when I give my attention to them?"

OR "Do I have the ability to be so "in the vortex" that I could regard ANYTHING and find an "in the vortex" stance about it?"

... You can reach the place where you will find yourself never, ever, ever, ever, ever doing anything that you don't absolutely want to do. And the Vortex will give you so many things that you want to do that satisfy your real criteria for fulfillment and upliftment and financial gain. All of the things that you want that you've been putting into your vortex.

The Vortex doesn't say, "Well, we can give you this, but not this!" The Vortex is not negotiating a contract with you. The Vortex understands what you've put in there and will yield to you every part of every part of it. You've just got to relax your way in and then clarify your way in further and then bask your way in further and then (become more detailed) your way in further ...

And on subject after subject this Universe, this "Vortexual manager" who is there to assist you, will yield to you the next logical step, the next logical step, the next logical step, the next logical step, and if there is anything that is a definition of fun, it's got to be that, where the next logical step just says - "How about this, how about this, how about this, how about this, how about this."

There is nothing so outlandish that the Universe cannot yield it to you and "Oh Boy", does that ever get fun!

- Abraham - Panama Cruise 3-13-11

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