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There are great Law of Attraction resources (Law of Attraction blogs, coaches, websites, forums, groups, businesses, etc.) that are not getting found by the search engines, but with tremendous value to offer to people seeking Law of Attraction info – especially locally, in their own communities...

So we created TWO NEW Law of Attraction Community Resources Directories! ...Your FREE listing will consist of 2 parts: Give information about your coaching practice, your law of attraction website, law of attraction books or products, and promote your business by giving your contact details, location, expertise, etc. (Even add a photo, logo, or graphic!)

*** We only ask that you ALSO include a feel-good story as an example of your work. This can be a success story, or a "How-To" for one of your favorite Law of Attraction techniques, some self-help tips on how to manifest "anything", or an inspirational story about success you've experienced applying the Law of Attraction as a part of your submission. ***

Your 2-part page will serve as a "calling card" for your services and expertise, and links to it will be simultaneously displayed in BOTH our Law of Attraction Techniques Directory AND our Law of Attraction Community Resources Directory for multiple exposures!

Jump straight to the Law of Attraction Resources Directory Listing Form now, or read on for more information about how it works, and what, to include in your listing... Simply follow the prompts in the form below to submit an explanation, example, instructions, or a story about your favorite ORIGINAL:

  • Law of attraction techniques
  • Success tips for applying the law of attraction
  • Inspirational stories about the power of positive thinking
  • How to manifest anything / manifestation techniques
  • Law of attraction tips for beginners
  • "How-to" instructions for law of attraction tools
  • Great feel good story
  • Success stories of law of attraction in action
  • Law of attraction manifesting stories & examples
  • Processes for using the law of attraction
  • Sharing a law of attraction success

You can follow your story with the name of your Law of Attraction practice, business or website and all of your contact details (as well as anything else you'd like to add.) Then we will add a link to your very own page on BOTH our Law of Attraction Techniques Directory as well as our Law of Attraction Community Resources Directory, so that visitors who are inspired by your story or approach can contact you directly..

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What Resources Are In Our Directory?

Some of the Law of Attraction Techniques and Community Resources listed in our directory appear below. You can also search the directory to find a specific technique, resource, or Law of Attraction Community member. Links to the directory are located at the top and bottom of this page.

Step 1: Start with Abraham's 30-day Challenge 
1) Start with Abraham's 30-day process: Abraham discussed this outline for what to do when you are serious about changing the vibrations you aligning …

Steve's Laws of Attraction website - Norfolk, UK 
When I was still quite young and in the Air Force I was sent to Saudi Arabia as part of Desert Shield. At this time I was not conscious of the Laws of …

Life Coach Ruby's Everyday LOA Magic - Mumbai, IN 
One of my big ticket manifestations: I have always been a free spirit and dabbled in a lot of things. I was not the best candidate for marriage, …

Using Gratitude to Manifest Money... 
Using Gratitude to Manifest Money... I'm very grateful for the ability to choose my daily activities. I'm grateful for the Money to afford a …

My Dream Motorcycle Rang My Doorbell 
About 22 years ago, in college, I bought a small motorcycle and rode it for a couple years around campus. It was a 250cc Honda Rebel that I named Jake, …

Only YOU have the Power to Choose 
I Have The POWER! I Have The POWER
 I have the POWER to choose what I want to choose; which means...
 I have the POWER to guide my …

Real Life Law of Attraction - Sample Listing for Example 
I Manifested a Lobster Roll! I know it sounds like a little thing, and to many it is, but, as an example of the Law of Attraction in Action, it is …

Positive Psychology and the Law of Attraction with Rahman- Philadelphia, PA 
THE KEY TO HAPPINESS Are You Happy? Do you want to know the key to happiness? In just 3 days I moved from a 6-7 on a happiness scale to an 8-10! Within …

Law of Attraction hub 
Implementing the Law of Attraction If you are looking to implement the Law of Attraction into your life, understand that it requires patience and a …

Law of Attraction Radio Network 
Law of Attraction Radio Network is a free internet radio station that is heard in 125 countries. Listen to individual shows or 24/7 broadcast. We are …

Live a Life You Love - Boulder, CO 
Boni Lonnsburry is the award winning author of "The Map - To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True!" And Live a Life You Love - …

Kristiina's Law of Attraction Website - Finland and Worldwide 
There are so many good and wonderful things and opportunities that I've attracted into my life after learning about the Law of Attraction. And those things, …

Inspired You Coaching - Saint Paul, AB 
Meditation plays an important role in manifesting your wants and desires. Meditation is the art of relaxing the body and quieting the mind. When quieting …

EmpoweringLife - Gold Coast, Australia & Worldwide 
The Power of Gratitude in Law of Attraction "Thank you" are two simple yet powerful words that, we human beings, can sometimes take for granted. …

Feel Good To Manifest Your Desires, Kingscliff Australia 
Hi I’m Chris Spink and I’m the founder of Feel Good To Manifest Your Desires, I specialise in partnering with Service Professionals, such as Coaches and …

The law of attraction guide for attracting your own intuitive messages 
...How to recognize guidance from your Inner Being and get intuitive information from the environment around you! Here are some ways that I use …

Building Sensory Memory - Manifest Positivity NLP Coaching 
The Law of Attraction (LoA) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) are naturally complementary and so I use them together in my Life Coaching practice, …

Practical Law of Attraction - Venice, CA 
I have found the principles of “the law of attraction” to be an undeniable catalyst for positive change in my life and for others who studied and applied …

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